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No.1 G3+ ADVANCED "Rotating Bezel" Smartwatch: Unboxing and Review

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By now you've seen the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. If not, be sure to watch Morry's excellent review here:
One of the uniques features of the S3 is the rotating bezel which lets you smoothly move through selections on the watch.
In this revised G3 tethering watch, the G3+, No. 1 has added the rotating bezel feature in a very attractive and functional device. Not only can you quickly and easily slide between the various watch faces with a slight twist of the bezel, but you can move through the app drawer to find the app you want instantly, It's a great enhancement to an already impressive smartwatch.
As you see in the video, there are some beeps coming in from our Smartwatch Team Members who provide tech support over on the Proboards. We all work together in the background so we can provide you the best information possible about these watches and help you troubleshoot problems. In addition to watching these video reviews, you can learn much more by joining the Round Smartwatch Proboard and go much deeper with your watch, no matter which model. You'll fin the rest of our team here:


Greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks today is an exciting day not only are we now in 2017 but we have an unboxing for you yes indeedy this one was rushed out here and I'm telling you first of all a shout out to Mori who if you have watched recently did an excellent review of a we're not aware I guess it's a tysonis at the operating system anyway a Samsung.

Samsung I'm doing really good so far a Samsung gear s 3 watch if you have not watched is watch review then please do because you're gonna need to see that one in order to understand this one if this is what I think it is inside a can we have never had a watch come in a metal can Oh think of the things I can use the can for this is great Wow I can put nails in there um endless.

Possibilities I get so excited about the things that come with a watch that sometimes the watch itself well anyway we're doing an unboxing of a watch in a can and there it is not only is this new but you haven't seen a watch like this before well alright yes you have if you've looked in the the title already you know that this is a plus version of a g3 now let's take a look at it from.

The back you see we've got a clean glass cover on it there's the charging area the heart rate monitor the speakers right there some screws a microphone port and a couple of buttons ok what else have we got in the camp in the can I love it I'm gonna have to start talking about these videos being uncanny right uncanny never.

Okay we have a bag with most likely a charger of course and it looks like our standard flat cable goes with most everything type of a charger and it's magnetically coupled which way do you think let's see not that way hello hmm Wow all right I guess I really have to open it up it can't be tangled too much it seems to be a little light on the hook up there we go.

Okay yeah it's not the greatest in terms of strength kind of typical of number one on a couple of their other watches but if you get it just right it's gonna hang in there in charge okay speaking of charge let's charge it up turn it on tether it to a phone see what it'll do but first what are we looking at I don't have a whole lot to show you on this watch because it really hasn't.

Even hit the stores yet it's the number one g3 plus so it's a bump up to the original g3 and it offers a couple of unique features that you're about to see these are some of the specs that go along with it that it's got in there and of course we'll take a look at these inside the watch and straight from the number one website this is the basic information but take a look at the.

Languages it's got different versions so you got to make sure when you order this watch who you order it from to the country of your destination that you get the version that has the language that suits your language preference they may not all have the same language as what I'm getting at oftentimes they ship them with a standard full set of languages it looks like this time they're coming.

Categorized as two different areas of the world alright let's take a look at the watch okay put a bit of a charge on it I know I should follow my own advice Wow and charge it up fully preferably overnight you know get a good charge on a battery before turning it on but I can't help myself I want to show this thing to you because I want to play with it too there.

We go we've got our first watch face press and hold haha notice it's in Chinese that's interesting and we've got other watch faces we can at least show you the watch faces I think before we have to change this it says watch at the top maybe I got one of those it doesn't do English this will be fun okay we have not tethered it yet we haven't done.

Anything that's a sweet one I like that bright blue there's a digital one here's a rather elaborate analog watch oh yes we've seen that cute when now while this is on let me show you something look at the edge of the bezel it's edge to edge that's one of the things that they promote about this watch is it literally is edge to edge nice huh and back to the original but I'm going to leave it on.

That pretty blue one because I like that one alright let's slide off to the side and we've got a big round circle which includes settings which I'm hoping one of these is language goodness I don't know I have to do the translator I guess well I'll be back once I switch it to English okay I'm back thank goodness I have it set for English I'm gonna leave all that other part in.

There because I want you to see that because I want to see your reaction when I do this you saw me press and hold and slide and blah blah blah notice it says okay now to change the watch faces well what if what if I just did that to change the watch faces what yeah just like on the gear s3 this watch supports a rotating bezel and I can pick and use the watch face of my dreams on the.

Fly nice huh well of course there's more to it than just that and we're going to get into that let's jump in let's go into the apps slide in there we go I can twist the dial and I can go through all of the possibilities and for once they have an English description of what they are when you get to the end it switches to the next page up above just.

By turning the dial one way or the other this is a suite watch this is gonna basically change everything for these tethering watches and it's even supporting Siri look at that isn't that cool okay we're going to go back to the main one where is bluetooth I see the icon there it is let's touch it I'm going to search for a new a device which means I need to turn.

On my phone and well actually if this is already on I should be able to go into fun do where like this and hit that thing and say start search and there's some of the other watches we've been looking for the house is full of watches so they're all going to come up here do I have to go in and make sure that bluetooth is turned on could be let's try that let's see let's go into.

Settings Bluetooth settings powers on and visibility is on so we should be able to see it okay well we may need that first tether it right so again let's go back over to bluetooth search for new devices which means I need to bring down and turn on Bluetooth which is on but I need to make my plus cell visible there we go now I'm visible now I can connect pairing.

Okay I'm paired oh it's called an a s2 I thought it was a g3 plus I'm not going to let it contacts or messages you don't need to see all that but it is basically connected now when I go into my funderwear and notice if this isn't up you just simply press the button and there you go let's uh-oh it automatically connected I don't need to disconnect because just by.

Connecting it through bluetooth it's connected so I can come over here and I can say sync data and boom my data has been synchronized even though I said no data to synchronize now if I go to my applications you see I have all those things we've seen this before this is the fun to wear tethering app and if I install the white clock for example it will be put on here or that one or all.

Of them whatever you'd like the digital clock there they all they're all in there now now if I'm correct I should just be able to turn the bezel and there that is that's the first one that's the oh no that came with it right no no that's the digital clock I think yeah yeah yeah there's that the black clock that's that one there's that one and that one and what's exciting folks is.

That there's a whole bunch of new designer watch faces coming out and there there's a process we haven't talked about it yet I'll try to have a link so you can follow it and then we'll do a video on it but there's a process you can go through that you can set up on your phone to have additional watch faces show up in this fun do wear app and as simple as just saying install or.

Uninstall you'll be able to transfer them over to your watch and they're coming up to be pretty cool little watch faces too so we have a full tethering watch we have the ability to choose whatever watch face you want to with a rotating dial including the ones that we have installed from the fundu wear app now all of the stuff about the funderwear app calculating and tracking.

Your steps calculating all of your other things your heart rate all of that is similar to what you've seen in many many other video reviews of tethering watches that use the fun do app so rather than bar you on that let's let's explore the benefits and and unique features of this particular watch the rotating bezel of course is exciting that's a lot of fun we also want to take.

You to the heart rate monitor why spend time on the heart rate monitor you say well because there's two things there's a basic one right here which we can select and then there's the continuous heart rate monitor now what they're saying I hope you can read this is that it has this real-time heart rate monitoring feature and it's the pix art second generation heart rate eight.

Thousand two chip compared to the first generation the motion precision increases two times in other words it's supposed to be more accurate and it'll do real-time monitoring monitoring and prompting of the heart rate at any moment so let's see how that is yes of course you can tell in my voice that I've already had my two cups of coffee try to do that before I give you a.

Boring review right well what am i doing I'm putting it on yeah you haven't seen it on there we go it's got that TPN kind of a band on it it's sort of like a silicone but not quite as stretchy kind of a rubbery thing and Wow does it look nice that is a sweet looking watch we have the heartrate thing on we're going to hit start and it's going to jump in and measure using this new second.

Generation heart rate monitoring eight thousand two chip yay I'm pumpin yeah ninety six uh I swear I'm never going to tell my doctor I do this this channel never no way okay now we're going to go to the ECG they call it which can I just touch in the middle now you have to actually touch the app I guess well come on yeah it's not taking it will it take.

Other ones oh look at that it jumps around but it's not going into it power saving you CJ hello come on find my device mmm technical glitch here vibrator oh yeah it's vibrating I feel it on my arm why didn't it pick the other ones I just have to hit harder yeah you have to hit harder maybe it's a screen saver on it I don't know I don't see anyway it's measuring now I'm.

Showing you how it's working live um we'll play with that in a minute this is that heart rate chart and you see how pretty and regular it is that's not the real deal folks it's just a simulation I have it on a fast timeout but it is going to give us a real live heart rate reading here now if I take it off if it were an actual graph of the heart it would like freak out and give.

Me strange data well it did stop that's interesting let's put my finger on it see if it comes back the diodes not going there we go as it comes back okay it's got a built-in detector at least to let you know whether or not it's touching skin and seeing your capillaries but the chart that you're seeing I would not use that for any kind of medical interpretation I.

Wouldn't use it even if it were a real chart that's up to your doctor but this one is fake it's just drawing that out it's not my actual chart how do I know we've shown you other watches that actually do blood pressure reading and those do give you a real chart of what it's reading in your heart rate but what we're looking at here is that number that tiny little number wish it were.

Bigger that would be nice that tiny little number there is your actual real time heart rate as monitored by the picsArt second generation heart rate eight thousand two chip as soon as I went away from it it stopped so that's something new on this one as well we have the rotating bezel to get into all the different watch faces and when you're in the apps go into all the.

Different things in the apps alright I'm going to go back to the first button at the top and the very first one which is our settings and we're going to go in there we saw the Bluetooth settings just turns it on basically your clock is where you can choose the watch face which we already did with the bezel turn your time synchronization on if you're tethered to your phone and your.

Funderwear you'll get your time from there and your date and all that other kind of stuff and you can have your time format in 12 or 24 hour scene all that stuff before is at the back button oh that's where I can actually change it I guess cancel I'm noticing it's not quite as sensitive as I would like sound this is ring only your ringtones and you.

Notification tones those should be the standard ones and we're not going to bother to disconnect the music you see it's clicking but it's taking a little time to go back notification tones same thing now sliding made it go back our volumes that's something we want to make sure they're all full volume and they are and then our display we have the annular.

Style and we have the for app style I prefer these actually a lot better and I can go through it with this wheel as well great let's do that one and what I want to do on settings when I'm in display is change my silly screen timeout to something reasonable for this video so it doesn't always blind out on us right brightness level is three right now.

Which is pretty good it can go up you know so that you almost don't see the okay sometimes I shoot at level one let's do level to make sure the brightness is about right yeah because this is kind of a gold color looks in the video like what it looks like in real life right now our units can be metric or imperial I usually use imperial and our international is where.

We show you the languages now this is why I was having trouble remember this is like a prototype watch so it was evaluated in China by the way I cleaned up the back real pretty it looked like it was going to gummy when we got it but it was just the dirt from fingerprint usage and stuff all cleaned up so this is not like from a retailer reseller this is directly from number one one of.

Their prototypes and it was all set up linked to a phone which was in Chinese so the auto sync was on and it was stuck in Chinese so I had to come in here with the Google Translate which is so cool download the google translator you can pointed it something the video is live and I was able to follow the Chinese language instructions to get to this point to turn off auto sync so I could.

Get to all of the languages this watch is shipping with these languages installed okay short set but you saw in the sheet that the their different versions that support different languages now I can turn this on because my phone is in English and it will automatically the English from there it'll automatically pull the time from there.

All that kind of stuff and apps is where you would uninstall apps if you remember on this one the only app that we have in our applications so far is the Yahoo weather and didn't install that it's kind of flaky how it works you'll see it in other videos I'm not going to waste time on it here because it's a third-party thing perhaps eventually we'll see more apps either.

From funderwear themselves or from others who have figured out how to make them accessible and usable in this watch format but if you needed to uninstall them that's where you could do it you can reset the watch and about tells you about this device and I can scroll down using this Oh is this so sweet I love it I think I found a new friend I hereby decree all future watches from all.

Future developers need to implement the rotating bezel you heard it here I have spoken I have no authority but I've spoken anyway because it's really really cool okay I get so excited there's our main page we started in on our settings and I think we've covered just about everything ever oh you know what let's go ahead and turn this off.

Disconnect the Bluetooth music that would be where we would be playing the music from the phone but I want you to hear the volume it's up all the way and that's coming out of speakers that are right here that are going to be against your arm so it's not terribly loud right now but you hear that okay now let's put it on well it's still good and loud I thought.

That it'd be muffled I kept pulling it really hard against my skin pretty good we're testing it it's coming out fine do you know what it's just above where the watch actually sits on you so it's not going to be covered if I covered it it would mute it but I guess if you got a sound and you're in a meeting or something and you needed to shut it down real quick you could just go like that.

And that would make it quieter all right it's adequate it's all right good sound that's a high-pitched tinkle eat anything so if I wanted to hear it for me I would go to ringtone - it starts out softer then it builds you notice that it kind of ramps up interesting our notification tones we're going to do a tone one and we've all heard that one don't - that's just a.

Simple beat you guys able to see this a little bright but tone 2 is selected tone 3 yeah tone for the high-pitched little chime thing and tone 5 wow the bicycle Bell barely hear that one tone 1 there it's at least audible OOP I think I accidentally went to tone - all right whatever so those are all set and we have looked at everything here including the about.

So Bluetooth is simple that's where we selected and connected to their notifications are the notifications that I've set up from the funderwear app when I go into my settings notification settings you can decide which of the apps and things that you have installed that you want to turn on or off to send notifications directly to the watch ok that's what you see in that area app.

Download this is the QR code that you need to scan in order to know already that the app you're going to download which you can get from the Google Play Store mind you you don't have to download a third party from where this sends you if it sends you someplace other than the Google Play Store just go on the Play Store and look for fundu where fu nd o WEA are download that app.

Install it that's what you're going to use and you'll have the latest version that way as well and that's all that page Bluetooth music that's where we could play the music that was on your phone through your watch but this is one I want to show you because the implementation of the camera is different on different watches and this is one of the fun ones where there's our.

SmartWatch can that that adapted it uh there we go you're actually seeing now the image that's on my phone here on the watch and to take a picture you just tap the button says capturing and it actually captures see I moved it too quick but it captured that moment here on the on the phone and this the pictures actually stored on the phone some of the watches that tether do the.

Fun do we're only show the button but in this case we get the button and we get the picture so that's awesome alright and that is the Bluetooth camera you can do voice memos which we always test greetings everybody we are playing with the rotating bezel which doesn't do anything while we're recording here of the number one G 3 plus watch we save it you're my hangouts this is our team.

Members of talking we in just by way of mentioning we have in the background a team of people all across the world Australia Europe United States they're everywhere and and these are the techie guys that are in charge of the pro boards not a member of that too and when you have technical difficulties and you send me a comment I usually refer you to the pro boards and.

These guys are the ones who are doing all the stuff that helps you with flashing our or whatever you need to do to fix it or give you advice on watch faces and yeah just amazing I'll have a link for the pro boards down there we chat live time to time on hangouts and that's what we're hearing in the background I forgot to mute my uh my computer over there oh my goodness I can.

Hardly hear that that's a shame well maybe if you offloaded the file you'd be able to hear it louder on a computer or something but that is like in a pin that's as the lowest I've ever heard for a voice recorder type thing too bad and I know we have the volume set six on all of them which is the loudest possible we go to volume we go to multimedia and it's up all the way so bad.

Implementation guys on the sound recorder um the voice memos themes is your basic background themes notice it's all black another issue the button the pressing is just a little bit off on this there's a little bit of blue if you can see it behind here it's just changing the theme that's behind the buttons there's a light blue overall or leave it on that one alarms all these.

Are basic you've seen those before pedometer gives you the chance to start and then track your steps from there and then again back on the app in your home screen when you go home you see your accumulated steps against the goal that you set and I never have any success just messing with it this way it somehow knows I'm just messing with it when I do that they could say stop supposed to.

Transmit an update and give you the percentage of all of your steps each band who is recording my movement now each band is for a whole different watch so sometimes if you have more than one watch and you have these different things all can did you get this you get a problem you get interface problems so don't recommend having more than one on your.

Watch or on your phone unless you have a billion watches like I do and you got to keep them all there we did the individual heart rate monitoring you've got the sleep monitor you've got the sedentary reminder all those are basic they're typical of tethering watches the ECG was the real-time heart rate find my devices where it beats and it vibrates or makes sound both ways when you have.

It tethered the power savings mode basic power savings file manager is where you can go into your watch and see what files you have there's the audio file that we created and it's playing right now but it's extremely soft sorry about that one but yeah you got to know how well it is the whole watch is right good bad and ugly main menu haven't seen that one what is it oh that's the one where.

We have the display style and we're in the four motion okay a lot of people like to have that wakeup gesture thing turned on so that when the watch is off there when you twist your arm it will light it up and when you put it down it turns it off now the thing about this on these tethering watches it really is just gravity sensor you notice as long as my watch is up it's on the fancier.

Android kind of watches it has us a time out thing it shows you the time and a couple of seconds later it goes off not so on this one and no matter what if you have your watch on and you're doing something I don't know what you're in there whatever as soon as you turn it it goes off so if you're doing something and you accidentally turn your arm it's going to go off and go back to the watch.

Face because of that I generally don't use that feature on most of the watches that I'm running with if they're tethering watches that's that wakeup gesture however you like to have that on when you driving or something that's great you have these flip things to mute incoming calls alarms shake to answer the phone call those are all standard on these.

Watches as well we have a photos section there is no camera here so and there are no files so you have to transfer photos over if you want to see them on here because we don't have a camera and when you're using the remote camera the pictures are stored on the phone not here okay the vibrator we showed you which just makes the phone vibrate here you feel that okay that's what's going.

On there good way to run your battery down your clock is your information on how you can we already saw that the clock faces that you can change to your health index what is this one want to note health status okay start test huh your sex age height and weight okay my guess is is calculating that stuff from the data that you put in like your BMI maybe this is new I don't I.

Haven't played with this before okay I'm boy I'm feeling scanned like going to the airport or something 70% Wow what in the world is it doing do I need to wear the watch uh-huh we're all about to find out now now 99% done all right I'll put my finger over it maybe it really needs to have my heart rate as well to tell how stressed I am or something I guess if I.

Had it on my arm it would be better BMI 20.8 bf our percentage and normal and that's coming from I'm sure the measurements that we put in a 39 year old bad okay this is really bad to be 39 if you're a lynnie all right I mean all the clubs you got to be 40 you're younger hey congratulations we just clicked over into 2017 you're 40 don't qualify.

Anymore you can't go sorry I'm just messing with you there you go heart rate is 89 vital capacity is 30 sub health these are not my real data this is the data the watch came with this is new I really don't have an opinion on it other than interesting is all I can say at this point and that's the data that we're getting that's health index and then there's.

Siri which is the same as the I have to say it slowly or my tablet will wake up it's the same as okay you know the next word Google but I don't have to say that I just tap it now it takes a while to initialize and it's initialized right now okay now you hear it coming from here let's try that again what time is it in Washington DC you heard that it's coming from the watch so your interface.

For the Siri or the Google thing is directly from the watch and the outcome is by the speaker so you don't really need to pull your phone out if you have it tethered properly to the fundu where app and that folks is the wrap-up of all of the apps back to our watch faces which you can switch by twisting the dial so what makes this g3 Plus outstanding well the rotating dial like.

The gear s3 right first of all the revised heart rate monitor the second generation which is supposed to be more accurate overall the Siri interface of course is nice and this whole new body in measuring thingamajig health indexes is new and it's a well-built watch it's got that advanced heart rate monitor thing that doesn't actually do its thing until it knows your body is connected so.

Hopefully that's going to be a big improvement in the accuracy of the data that we get other than that I would say you've got yourself a really nice heathering watch it's attractive it comes in silver and black from what I've seen and in the show notes down below as soon as some of our vendors get it I'm gonna put their links their coupons their discount pricing everything for.

You right now I'm just whetting your appetite because I don't have a source for you I don't this came straight from number one they saw that that gear s3 video with the rotating dial they've been working on this puppy and I think they just jumped out there and said get this out get everybody to know that you can get such a thing that may be 1/10 the price I don't know we'll see what.

The pricing comes in definitely less than a quarter of the price of a gear s3 as a full tethering watch it's a nice piece of equipment I like it I'm going to be awareness when playing with it you have been watching Smart Watch ticks and appreciate your subscription and your purchasing from our links down below we'll have the best links we can get for you as soon as folks get this you'll.

Probably see it presale first then you'll see it flash sale and again we'll try to have good coupons and get you first in line if at all possible all right thanks for watching catch you later


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