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Littlebig planet 3

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Oh yeah and I am actually really sad right now because my PlayStation Plus right now so yeah I'll just have to play a venture and no this is not it I've already finished this part now giving my thingy fungus my 73 completion give me my compilations yeah there we go so yeah Alex and if you want me to do some more and maybe in my next video and I will okay let's all my bling okay this.

Is the ending part this is a no no article wrong because because um appreciation plus is going yeah this is hard this is hard power up I need to do something we okay guys I just need your something oh geez I forgot my paws has changed oh dang it oh you guys so but I was watching something from before so yeah I.

Just need to do something whoa cringing the chat guys cringe me chat okay okay Oh yeah buddy jump here buddy buddy Wow hey I need this go oh gosh well I'm a daddy me ah trust me this is hard you didn't want to do this well no see I'm not good at this game anymore okay I got attacked today.

So yeah I'm not good at it no yeah I told you I'm not gonna do it anymore I just got it back today got it oh great I hate got at least well cringe in the chat cringe in the chart cringe in a chat cringe cringe cringe just cringe oh I hate this one ah yes I got it and I died that's fine okay oh this is gonna be hard now whoo.

Oh this is gonna be fun Oh Oh No I hate this kind of stuff Wow oh hey yeah oh I don't want one right now hot oh I always wanted that stick-up oh yeah I have to restart this part guys look over here I need to this and now I need to do I need to do not aah.

This is why I hate this way yep this all right this is why I hate it so much yeah yes I'm onna yes I got it oh those those no good see what I mean but it's really hard No no oh you are feeling me to breath I breathe okay I need to breathe I need to be I need to breathe mm-hmm I need.

Something I need to make really what you guys saw that that was built with this time no I'm not gonna lose any loulou's any air this time I'm still come on I made it I made it oh this is the part I hate all those I forgot this part although this is the hardest one I need to go Troy does taking the same sports standing Spurs are gay this this is gonna be even.

Harder this is gonna be even harder than I expected again you guys well you guys saw those circles are you sure it's a coffee maker oh yeah good we're going good what change to now yes No .

oh damn laughs good I have my mic muted are you search right now I have to do this year I think you pretty didn't bat me so yeah.

So let's go let's go let's go let's go I know I know a dog goes up in the dark oh I didn't know no no no no you're not taking me down tonight oh yeah I guess you are technically down today nope nope nope nope you know cutting me down today yes like you're not gonna get me down I'm not for sale uh-oh I guess I am I guess I am so yah yah yah.

Yah yah yah yah all that's wished me Oh snippet ah what does it have to bow na na oh no no I couldn't push it walk what you man come on come on come on come on yes yes I got it enjoy let's go what are those .

I really could have like trying make that jump oh so close you know I'm just gonna get the thing I jump you know what I'm gonna do it I'm not gonna do it Oh come on you can make it oh shoot I'm hot guys I'll be back go back to sleep.

Let's go guys uh a concert I can't sleep I can't sleep I speak I speak I - wait finally shaped a little bit switcheroo thing oh oh oh whoa let me take one no was this you can watch your heart now Oh is he gonna cross me gonna think he's gonna cry oh I got it don't string me hard this is how I got my last slide yesomania' Oh a surgeon.

I made it guys oh good oh lucky not know it oh so close she's gonna bring me to start again start again nope oh my god yep this is gonna beg me to stop I think I don't have the mini myself I don't have many lives left I don't have money this is what I bring you to study what.

This is gonna lead to sudden death amongst all of the wrong yeah so did I made it what oh I don't want it I don't want to because I want to finish this game already no it's not you're just so a liar yeah no no no boom yes I did it aren't they for myself oh my god actually lost a lot of lives Oh something I want you to choke some.

Touching subscribers do you any good you will all fall know what to do I'll be back no it doesn't take today do people really laugh at me I I think I think that you my friend there are big no big bully and I'm not gonna stand here and listen to this any longer allow me really in this day and age.

People like you Jimmy it's easier than I thought it would be don't what the hell oh what's going on no way I'm about to finish the game No I just jumped into something and I don't wanna turn I don't want to go inside of it I don't want to try to touch some ice in the stomach like ours my skin like.

Perf something because it looks really good all right you guys can say trash if you want I remember finishing this oh yeah yeah this is the hardest come on sleep I got it come on down we go I remember going up see here before oh I got squished.

well uh-oh oh no I hate this I hate this Oh No oh my god no I didn't see that coming I didn't see that coming at all you're not ready I'm not ready to join mmm come on sweat give me a sweater I need to kill it now this thing is able.

Key or able yes oh my god uh I went the wrong way okay this is just her friend now oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm about to go into some stomach acids No all right I think it's killing the other Nanette I don't know when that killed me I thought it was like so loose thingy that you could play with.

Hey I got annoyed stuff are good - really good stuff no no yeah no down come on yes I feel it I feel it right there no no no no no no oh no this is my luck don't go for anything it's tough to escape this is my life no-no-no .

I'm all gone I'm going for no look don't you dare tell me no oh good bitch wants me here that's fine Easter Shannon are died already are you serious oh yeah I'm gonna eat my dinner No yes I'm filming No oh god I do not like this someone saved me good someone please save me some please save me goodbye.

oh my god this gets even closer whoa oh yeah I told you it gets even faster my last part we're ready but this would be just third jump so this one's entirely blown up and I'll be inside of him you see .

Well so so ridiculous I'll try to put those are too quick you're gonna go you're gonna save me sound please save me I finally I have to do it yes I think I finished the game well there it is oh my god I'm not joking.

I'm jumping out let's go what but I will kill me there's my last slide personal space ah see I told you I'd never know how that code you know you know either and that money from here goes I see local subscribe and I'll see you guys next time.


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