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Soundstream xxx15000 soundqubed hds312's

Опубликовано: 3 года назад
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Just trying out my soundqubed hds312's on bigjuray20 soundstream xxx15000


What's going on everybody this is a 3k one right here with picture aid they delayed 20 missing maybe 320 right here gotta see it doesn't really matter just a random black guy but uh give me you guys a demo nice no-look yes 3k once out of civic guys gonna walk around for everyone for those of you who don't know he has to sound cube HDS 3:12 I don't know how big the box is body no.

Is to tune 231 hurt and it's to the 31 hurts it's a pretty nice sized box cuz if I put my arm back there I mean it goes pretty much up to my my elbow it's a pretty nice size box it's not small awesome it's a decent size I'm pretty sure this box can hold the ACC 3 but he has Odyssey group 31 battery in the back multiple runs of uh zero gauge we're testing it today on uh.

This is my sound screen 15,000 D we're just using it to test and see you know what kind of power this thing can give his 12 what it looks like his amplifier is originally a sound stream Rubicon 2500 dean he has a 680 or 620 by four sound stream for channel with the sky-high reducers everything that goes clean like I said we're just testing it stay tuned.

Go ahead and subscribe to 3k one page he's definitely gonna have more power in here like I said we're testing it on the 15k but he's going to grow up another 2500 and strap him so stay tuned for that let's go ahead and play a song for you guys and see what she does like bamboo like like like you guys this video just living by this.

Screen does this no justice it's a lot more flex or not more movement but I pop the trunk he does have this you know seal it off so if you don't see a whole lot of flex that's because it is sealed off around the truck so don't assume because you don't see me flex that it's not allowed because it pretty much is loud especially for these are not the HTC three is enough the heavy duty.

Series or heavy duty coils these are the HDS threes so they're ready to 1200 RMS if you have a wire to one home on a sounder string xxx 15000 d it's not the HEPA fire full power this is just testing out of for power for ground we're gonna have one positive one negative over using two watt welding cable and the voltage is uh thirteen eight now.

That hasn't dropped no lower than 12 yeah it's a lot more power these stuffs could probably take we're just sort of leaving here and I stay tuned for more maybe we get some better footage of this next time I'm wrong alright everybody thanks for watching stay tuned for more this is a jewelry 20


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