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God Held Me & Changed My Life Forever! | Jack Frost

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In this It's Supernatural! Classic episode from 1998: Look, I'm a Jew, and I was taught that God is untouchable. I certainly never heard of God holding someone. But my guest, Jack Frost claims God held him for 45 minutes, and completely revolutionized his life!
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Look I'm a Jew and I was taught God is untouchable I certainly never heard of God holding someone but my guest claims God held him for 45 minutes and completely revolutionized his life on this edition of it's supernatural life after death experiences and angelic communications are on the increase terminally ill patients whom doctors have given no hope are unexplainably.

Cured people are being mysteriously protected from natural disasters Sid Roth your investigative reporter examines this invisible world on it's supernatural although I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter now coming from a Jewish background God is holy God is a million miles away he's there but maybe he's not.

So interested in me as an individual so you can imagine the shock I had when I met Jack Frost and Jack you said to me you went to a meeting in which God hugged you for 45 minutes now this is foreign to most people's ears what do you first of all what do you mean by God hugged you for 45 minutes well it's foreign to my ear said but I've been walking with God for about 16.

Years and I had known him as a far-off never close doing all the right things saying all the right things being so religious but never really never really and then at this meeting I was on the floor just sitting next to my wife my wife was on the floor praying and she was crying as God was touching her and and a pastor stood in the pulpit and began to pray over the men in fact it.

Was a pastors meeting and pray over the men there and he said I just father I just want to pray for the the men here whose fathers and I just can't believe you just but he started praying for the men whose fathers never held them as a little boys and I started crying and and you don't know this jack but in Jewish families were taught not to hug not to embrace not to show emotion and and so I.

Can relate to what you're saying well I was raised that way by a father that loved me whatever like gave his life for me but he never held me say it same with my father and he said if I cried men don't cry right here it's a sissy and and I wasn't allowed to show motions and I wasn't allowed to show feelings and and growing up as a child our home was very painful.

A lot of alcohol problems there was a lot of a lot of pain a lot of physical and emotional abuse and I never knew comfort and I didn't realize that 44 years old when when when God held me that the greatest need I had at that time in my life was the no comfort I had never known a safe hiding place in God's love though I had known God for 16 years and so when this happened I began to.

Weep when the man started praying and I didn't know what why What did he say just before he said he said I want to pray for the men whose fathers never held them as little boys and my first thought was my dad holds me all the time now he does he started holding me and hugging me about five years ago when he was 70 something years old and he came.

To know Jesus as a savior but for thirty-eight years he never held me never said the words to me face to face son I love you I really love you and now my dad saying this and I thought well all this is healed there's no problems left with my dad so you're gonna be an observer so I'm gonna be observer and and and I'm sitting there and I'm listening but the more the man starts.

Praying over those little boys that never had a safe place those little boys who whose dads were so fearful that you couldn't crawl up in their arms I started crying harder and harder and harder and I finally just laid on the floor and just started weeping uncontrollably this is not me at 44 I'm the man I provide my hero his bete noire Spock from Star Trek never showed.

Emotion of course and my wife was married to this man that never showed emotions my children was married it was was the children of a father that never knew how to show emotions to express love I loved would have died for them but I couldn't express it and I've come to realize since then many people are emotionally handicapped because they've not received the right kind of love I.

Was loved but I hadn't received this kind of love the kind that is expressed through feeling and you know this generation with the computers and the TV it's so impersonal I think this generation is probably even worse than ours I I believe so yes because so many of my father so many of our fathers were wounded during the war so wounded during the war years they.

They lost the ability to share emotions and this was the father I grew up with a father who was a buck sergeant during the war and emotions were not what men would show so so you were kind of shocked when you started crying because you thought these were not problems I tried to stop crying I didn't want to cry in front of 200 people 200 ministers I'm on the floor in front of all 200 of.

Them crying like a little boy like a seven eight-year-old boy uncontrollably and then I wasn't first crying tears of love of God holy me I was crying the tears of an 18 year old boy where alcohol was destroying this parents home and there would be violence in the home and there'd be all this rage and anger and this eight ten-year-old boy had to hide somewhere and I'd run and I'd hide.

In a closet and I'd get in the closet and I'd sit in a corner and I'd pile blankets in front of me and I'd get a pillow and I'd hold that pillow because I was never held or embraced as a child I found out since I was never even nursed as it as a baby that I was given a bottle and I just did not know affectionate love therefore how can you give something away to your family that.

Wasn't given to you and so as I'm laying on the floor on this little ten-year-old boy back in the closet hiding full of all the fear and I'm crying uncontrollably because of the fear that was locked inside of us pain tank where I had compacted all this hurt in pain as a little child and I'd locked it away somewhere in my mind somewhere in my emotions and I didn't know how to get it.

Out though I I was walking with God you were you were a biblical counselor you were helping people that had problems like this and and you're saying it was so buried that you didn't even know it you can be saved you can be walking with God you can have had healing and deliverance in your life in many areas of your life but if you still have a love deficit if you haven't received the.

Right kind of love no matter how much you walked with God if you haven't received the right kind of love you'll still battle with fear oppression low meanness in your life and you don't know how to give away what hasn't been given to you how can you give love to someone when you haven't felt that kind of love so you're weeping uncontrollably in front of people that you don't want to.

See you weeping now and then what and I'm laying in the closet full of all this fear and my parents never found me there during these violent violent years and the door of the closet opened up and just fear grasped me my wife said later you were screaming so loud no one in the place get under so what you saw there's like a flashback seeing yourself in this closet and then someone walked in and.

Wasn't aware who it was but someone walked in piled the book the blankets aside sat down next to me and took me in their arms and for 45 minutes they held me and I came aware that it was the thought that was Father God it was the heart of the wait a second he say god I want to hear about this we'll be back right after this message .

We will return to it's supernatural right after this hello I'm Sid Roth a investigative reporter that I sure hope you watch the earlier segment Jack Frost was a biblical counsellor helping people with problems one day he found himself in a meeting with 200 other pastors and this speaker said I want to pray for people whose fathers never held them and he started weeping.

Uncontrollably he didn't want to because he was kind of frankly embarrassed over this in front of peers all around him and then what happened you you you flash back as a young child in a closet I was right back in the closet that I had to hide so often in because my father was an authoritarian father a father that loved me but a father that would scream at me I could never do anything right he.

Was a tennis coach and I always had to hit the ball right and I always had to cut the grass right and and he never pointed out the good things I do he would just always motivate us with screaming with hollering you as a negative motivator and I grew up with fear and as as I'm in this closet all this fear is consuming me it's like yes she said a flashback back to this little.

Boy and father God comes into that closet and takes me in his arms and held me and for forty-five minutes excuse me jack I'm hearing what you're saying what do you mean God held you what does that mean and I had such a need of comfort I had never felt comforted I was 44 years old and consumed with fear are you telling me that you felt like I just felt that God.

Did that I could feel the arms of God around me I could feel love around and I feel it hurt why because I had built all these walls of protection to protect me from being hurt again we all have them we all build these walls little hurts big hurts come and we don't want to experience love because anytime love begins to flow towards us we have.

To lower our walls because love is something we have to submit to love is something we have to be willing to receive and we've all been hurt so much by people who said they loved us we've got walls up and we won't submit to it to save us and so the walls are filled with fear of failure fear of rejection fear of intimacy fear of loving fear of being loved and his.

Father took me in his arms it was like he was reaching his hand inside of my heart and he was pulling out fear of rejection and I would cry harder and I'd actually groan and scream in the whole time I'm aware that 200 people are looking at me and I am embarrassed why don't I just stop this is what God said nobody knows you here so just forget about what they think they'll never see.

You again and so I just laid in dad's arms first time I'd ever felt the arms of a loving father first time I'd ever felt safe and then he took the fear of rejection or the fear of failure the fear of intimacy the fear of of loving the fear of receiving my wife's love the fear of giving her love the fear of having intimacy with my children I had never had intimacy with my own children.

I had been a military-type father authoritarian type father I was the biblical counselor I taught family seminars I had been a pastor I could say I said who thought it wasn't happening in your own home and you knew it so why did didn't you feel like a phony yes you felt like a phony but you have to keep your identity you have to keep your your walls of fear up you have to keep your.

Some was your identity my identity was in success in ministry what is your identity now in being a dad and being a husband something wonderful something so wonderful I'm gonna tell you something that's gonna bring tears to your eyes something so wonderful happened to this father and his daughter after this tell me about it I came home off of that conference and.

At that point my daughter was 14 years old my second child she was in complete rebellion against me one great writer said rules without relationship breed rebellion that was my daughter I had my household full of rules but I didn't know how to have a relationship I didn't know how to open my heart to my children though I could do all the right things I could say the right things but it was of.

The law and wasn't of love and law will kill where love sets people free and brings healing and so I came home and my daughter had been hearts hardened she was turning towards the rebellious crowd she had a she could cuss like a sailor she was hanging around with the wildest of people she'd go to a room and sit in a room and never come out and talk to us and I saw her out doing family seminars.

And this is what's going on what nobody knows but you like a carpenter carpenter is great at fixing other people's home but Lisa's in shambles so many ministries that same way so I went home and my whole countenance had changed my tone of voice had changed for the first time in my life I had really experienced what I was created for I was created every single person ever born is created.

For one thing to experience God's love and to give it away and he realized to do anything short of doing what we were created for is against the laws of nature it is it is twisted it has perverted for any of us to do anything besides receiving love and give it away receiving love but I never know how my life was twisted my family was twisted my relationships were twisted and my own.

Daughter rebelling against me and I came home so soft in fact for four months I cried every day and I would cry in my cry my daughter come what you crying because what I've done to you because how bad I've hurt you and she'd run off into a room and all the walls going up because for her to receive my love do you realize you can live in a home with a father who loves you and never receive.

His love so she had walls just like you she'd become just like me and she was the most unlikable person on earth and I realize she's Chuck like me and the torture I put her through and slowly her heart started melting because what love is like love is like the sign the sun shining down upon a block of ice it begins to melt and her heart started melting more and.

More and more and then in April of of 96 four months later she came up and said daddy I've got an English paper I want to turn in and I want you to read it first before I turned it in and her heart is soft towards me and she went from cussing like a sailor hard not wanting to speak to me one word answers yes no and she writes this and she said that the English paper everyone in our.

Class was to write this paper entitled the greatest influence in my life is three paragraphs and she writes this the greatest influence in my life is my daddy through him I've seen the eyes of Jesus and felt his unending love one point not very long ago my daddy was a man to fear he was a Captain Bligh off the HMS Bounty.

Now he's as gentle as a lamb and not to mention just as loving through watching my daddy change from being a hard man to be an attender man it has influenced me to change his new patience has helped bring me through a very difficult year seeing my father loved and cherished God like never before has done miracles so for me instead of referring to God like a holy being my net dad now refers to.

Him as his daddy now instead of fearing my dad I crawl up in his lap and I find a very cherished piece what I cherished most about my father is a smile I also loves the way he sits with me and helps me with my faults in a loving way whenever I do something good he notices that - my dad is changing in so many areas I am so very proud of him.

Every time he looks at me and smiles I explode inside with joy my daddy has been my greatest influence these past four months I forgive him for being Captain Bligh in my early years I love my daddy how would you like to have a daughter write a letter back to you how would you like your wife to say I've never experienced such love I'm going to have Jack Frost pray for.

You that you will experience God's love to such a powerful way that you will be able to give it to others we'll be back right after this we'll be right back with more of it's supernatural you have the ability to receive love I mean really you have the ability to give love.

Jack Frost was embraced by God the Father for 45 minutes transformed his life Jack you wrote a letter which is we just heard the letter that you received from your daughter wonderful wonderful letter what did that mean to you getting a letter like that I I I just wept and wept because I knew it was a turning point in our relationship and in the past three years since that.

Has happened my daughter has grown so in fact she just did an English paper for English class again and in that they were asked what do you want your life how would do you want your little life to impact the world and she says I want to spend my life going to every nation of the world and giving the love that I've experienced from my dad and from father.

God to giving that love away to every person I meet in the world you know I've been told that our relationship with our natural father somehow directly ties in with our relationship with God the Father we see father God through the end lense of our earthly father's eyes and if our earthly father didn't know how to express love if he was distant and afar off our.

Relationship with God is that way we see him as oh I I know God loves me for the Bible tells me so but he's distant and he's afar off he'll give that love to others but but he'll not really do it for me and we feel like he's he's afar off from us and not close to us now your family affectionately called you Captain Bligh because you were obviously a pretty moody guy but.

Recently you wrote a letter to your wife would you read that I was known as Captain Bligh for years at sea cuz I was so harsh and now I live to know God's love and to give it away and I was coming home from Slovakia and August and I've never written a poem or anything like that to my wife and I was on the flight over the Atlantic Ocean and I just started writing this and it just.

Flowed right out and and this is a song of love for my wife after 23 years of marriage and not knowing how to express love I I write this to her our journey has taken us throughout the earth from pain and suffering our love did birth yet love did flourish from the shame and tears our loved remain true all through the years what pain can hold back such a love as ours not shame not.

Fear not even wounded hearts for our love has conquered every wall it has fought in grasp for passions call it was your love that brought me to arrest a love that my pain has put to the test yet you endured and gave of your best today it's the reason I feel so blessed what kind of woman could love as you do one who is beautiful faithful and true it takes one whose heart is made of pure.

Gold one whose life will be as a tale that is told your love will be spoken of for ages to come for it is the kind which lights up the Sun it's full of fire passion and zeal a love that is not false but open in heals your love fills my heart with visions and dreams faith hope and love my heart has finally seen your love has given me reason to live your love has caused my heart to want to.

Give how could your love be so rich and free how could you love such a man as me how could your heart be filled with such desire how could you cause me to burn with such fire certainly your love must come from above how else could you know such a wondrous love I longed to return that love to you one day with such desire and sacrifice may I love I pray O God I.

Could never repay what you have done for me when you gave me her love so beautiful so free forgive me for all the years that I did blame as an excuse not to love because of my pain unmerited favor I received when I first saw her face your love through her has revealed to me great now I am honored to call her my wife I will cherish and care for her all of my.

Life I would go through the pain again and again to experience her love that covered my shame I would give my life my wealth and my fame to love her and cherish her and give her my name what happened when you gave her that poem I came home from 12 days away and it was 11 o'clock at night when I came in from the airport and I'd never been able to really look at her and express the depth.

Of love and I looked her in the eyes and began to read this doer and she had a tremble and held it all back till I got to the last race and then it just exploded just groans and wailing exploded out of her because I hurt her so bad for 20 years and never knowing how to express love I loved her but if a person doesn't know how to receive that love if they can't receive it they don't.

Feel that love and she said it was like 23 years of pain was healed in that moment when I began to read this dinner jack there are so many hurting people watching us people whose marriages are about ready to dissolve people they'd say he's touching will you pray for every person to be free to love free to receive God's love now jesus said these words in John 16 he said that the Father.

Loves you because you love Jesus you see the whole key of entering in the father's love is not being good enough is not praying enough not reading the Bible enough it's accepting Jesus and accepting the father's love through the completed work of Jesus Christ and right now I want to pray with you right were you you're sitting watching this TV if you've not accepted Jesus Christ right.

Now let's just pray with me this prayer just say Lord Jesus I've been looking my entire life for this type of love that his man has been talking about and I've not been able to find it and I know that I whole life I have misrepresented father's love to others and Jesus forgive me forgive me for not knowing how to give the love away that.

I've never received and I invite you right now Jesus into my life I invite you as my savior and you said you would take me to the Father and you'd reveal the father's love and so right now all over there's people father with heads bowed that are crying out I need to know this type of love supernaturally just go throughout all the earth and begin to pour your love to him father father you.

Love them because they love Jesus not because they've done anything right and if you've said that prayer I want to urge you to do the following I believe that it is there's a Hebrew word it's be shared it's meant to be it was meant to be that you would hear this discussion right now you see contrary to what you've been told you are special yes you do have meaning yes you do have.

Importance you were created to love God and to receive his love and did share his love with other people I want you even as we go off the air to just lift your hands up to God as a form of a sacrifice say I love you God oh thank you that Jesus died for my sins oh I need to receive your love I'm opening myself as best I know this I'm doing everything I know.

Oh God become real God fill me with your love oh god I'm desperate for you Oh God I need you you


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