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HUGE PREMIUM CRATE OPENING 🎁 22,000+ UC 💰 PUBG Mobile | Powerbang Gaming
Lights Out Twitter open for business. You know what to do.
Well, this will teach me to hang out alone in a hotel room... I splurged for a MASSIVE Premium crate opening for you guys because I REALLY wanted the new Galactic Helmet & the Hearts-themed PINK Kar98K - over 22,000 UC out the door... but we got some SICK stuff! Hope you all enjoy the opening.
Powerbang's Gear - Full List (Nerdgasm Warning)
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don't want us have any guys that is power playing welcome back to another episode thank you guys for being here and thank you so much for showing up to the Star Challenge North American semifinals today to watch lights out all three teams that are repping lights out.

Members place in the top five including places first and second right now lights out is sitting number one overall after day one and we're gonna look to close it out in day two all hopefully all three teams will be going to LA for the finals next month and they'll get to hang out with me and that would be absolutely amazing so super proud of the boys guys in this episode I was just informed by a.

Tweet by pub t-mobile that there are indeed new things in the shop and you guys know how I get with these stupid crates man I see things and I have to get them I have no impulse control whatsoever the premium crate here look at that are you kidding me look at the moonwalk in here it did that really just happen you guys just see that animation the.

Galactic suit this person just floated in look at this no way there's like literally zero graph oh my god that is epic okay guys so we're gonna open some crates in today's episode sitting here in the hotel room what more could we do with our time right now what are we trying to get though first of all we got the space Guardian suit that thing is absolutely.

Sick I love it but it is a mythic item there is also this right here the Galactic helmet this is what I am hoping for which is the helmet skin for gear basically when you pick this up you're gonna see this galactic helmet this thing is absolutely sick it's the best looking level 3 helmet in the game in my opinion absolutely love it here is the odds.

Though guys the mythic item has a 1 in 200 chance of being opened on any given crate opening that is 0.5% it's pretty much 3 out of 4 that you're gonna get a rare item and then 1 out of 4 almost for an epic and one and a half percent for a legendary those are not great odds at all so we're looking at pretty long odds to get this stuff the big things that I want though.

Are in fact legendary so I want this car 98k skin the heart the pink I absolutely adore pink I love it guys don't judge me but I really want the pink car 98 and there's also this diverse set right here imagine the divers set the pink car 98 there's also some really cool shotgun skins here the space-travel skin those are absolutely sick it goes along with my color scheme.

As well so I am absolutely down to get some of those skins we've also got the blood of for both the odd and the m416 excited to pretty much have a chance at the upper tier of these and obviously the trash down at the bottom that no one wants so without further ado let's open some crates starting off we're gonna go one at a time oh we got the poison mash straight away.

Not too bad we'll see what else we can do now I do have a limited amount of currency on the account right now I've got 5700 you see left which is quite a lot of money guys if you are sensitive about spending money on games or mobile games click off the video go somewhere else I don't want to trigger you but at the same time you know I do this for a living I've got a little bit of spare.

Money we're gonna put it into some of these outfits to see what you do mainly to entertain you guys so if you guys want to see some of the odds you know that we have and this this white helmet though I can't stop looking at it alright we're gonna go a little faster now burning through it I didn't want to burn through it super fast because it just hurts me oh so bad we got the.

Vultures uniform there from who is that tsar key it is our key vultures uniform so we're gonna go again mandarin jacket we're gonna go a few more times here and oh that fancy shirt black though that's actually a nice shirt i like that a lot probably won't wear it let's give some legendary or mythic items going on i really really want to to see what we can do here nothing of sorts really get the.

Fisherman's hat in black dude I think I wore something like that in high school it's definitely not gonna fly here in puffy mobile we'll go again square glasses Mandarin jacket come on let's go for the mythix baby preppy vest no that's not it's not cutting it man I don't want a preppy vest blood of dog I do believe we have the blood oath dog already I might have.

To check on that prep puppy if I just told you preppy vest I don't want you nothing mean all right guys ooh we got a new skin the space travel is 1897 that is the pump shotty that is an amazing skin the color scheme you guys know my color scheme right look over here I mean that's pretty spot-on honestly got the graze you got the light yellow you got the orange I like that a lot that space.

Travel can we get a power bank gun skin I mean that's that's a real deal here we need to get a power bang or lights out gun skin in the game a lot shroud er a lot doctor disrespect on PC I would love to see that on mobile maybe sometime in the future who knows what we do pick up the 1897 skin we're down to like 2000 currency here 2400 oh my goodness pub G premium crate opening hey the.

Bolsters helmet I actually have a full football helmet outfit or a football outfit now it's matching it's not even mismatched like it was before so I have both uniforms now which is good hey we got the hippy set yo I'm gonna check this out this actually might be kind of cool let's go ahead and take a look at the hippy set really quickly and see how that thing looks it's a full.

Set there it is so laid back how would you like to get shot by this character here I just feel like they'd be spreading peace and love but apparently not they're coming to get you man we are getting quite the collection here a full body gear I still think this is my favorite of all the ones I have it's bright but I really really like it good stuff.

Why don't we go open some more but will wear the hippy gear since we just got it and let's go ahead go to the shop crates premium love that graphic with the the guy coming in alright well here we go we will get another helmet don't care we already got the helmet we don't need another one you know guys what I'm thinking about doing too is as we open these come on.

Man it's like the game here is being is trolling me I may drop another large chunk of change on this opening for you guys so we can hopefully do some more because I we got the divers set one of the legendary items absolutely one-and-a-half percent chance of getting that and we got it so the divers set another full body armor is ours and now we can actually possess that and go into.

Game with the divers set that's something that I definitely we got clan perks I don't want to send anonymous so you guys can know who I sent it will send it collect yours now this is something you guys can see now check this out I sent a clan perch there you go and just like that other people can see legendary items are better you can send.

Clan perks and people can collect those so you share them with your clan pretty cool stuff more on the clan system later on we're gonna go to the back to the premium crates here only a few more left for this go-around can we get one of the mythic items man I feel I don't want to get another chunk of change oh one more one more oh that's the message we were dreading that out of you.

See purchased now alright fine all right boys and girls we're gonna get a little over 8,000 you see yeah let's do it and just like that our purchase is successful we're good to go that's a tough one guys alright first first open I'm testing a theory here I'm gonna open ten at a time let's see what happens oh I was so excited and then I I wasn't.

All right we're gonna try ten more one time and if it doesn't work I'm going back to one of the time because I can't take that amount of loss all at the same time ten more what is this oh I got a parachute a racing parachute that's pretty cool I always liked parachutes but it's the flouse a dancer lace top a dancer lace top two in a row of the same.

Thing come on man getting trolled here I'm gonna accidentally click the button again I don't want to do ten more but I feel like it's the right move maybe maybe a black flowery shirt come on man uh we got that too what what's this checkered suit that's actually kind of dope I actually kind of like that but uh it's not what I was looking for all.

Right we're going back to one at a time let me go see this checkered suit actually hope you guys are having fun opening these it's not Oh what what yo that's a sick outfit actually hey that right there is a pretty dope outfit not gonna lie I like that actually quite a bit yo cool shoes I mean that's fly dude it it matches and everything I like accidentally have that on and the better.

That chequered whatever the hell it matches so that's really cool I'm leaving it on let's go to the premium crates and we'll go back to opening one at a time while this guy oh we got the hippy set again okay oh respirator masks we're getting legendaries left and right now one and a half percent chance of opening those but we just did it back-to-back so.

Interesting come on give me give me the freaking fisherman hat dude the fishermen hat no damn it again if I would have just asked for the rice oh crap if I would have just asked for the right thing I would have got it that's not it though that is not it preppy vest okay I don't know how long I think I can withstand oh oh yes yes yes.

Yes yes yes oh my god all right this is one of the things that I really really really really wanted the hearts kar 98k I now have a pink sniper rifle I am absolutely rocking this one guys it's gonna be the kiss of death when I deliver that 7.62 round a brain implant you know what I'm saying that is what I'm talking about we got the car 98k this is the one I've been waiting on oh.

My goodness all right we're gonna send another clan perk here we'll collect the clan points for it hell yeah dude they've already got some people clearing out the the last gift that I sent but man the core 98 are you dude I'm so pumped right now now we really got to get busy on these galactic helmets that's the only other thing that I really want can we get it though is.

The question going one at a time made it so much better not not really probably but it worked for me I've been getting way more like cool stuff so I got another epic item move preppy best another epic come on baby all right where we at on money fisherman's hat you know how many silver fragments I'm gonna have from dismantling all this stuff guys all right I've burned through like.

Three quarters of my money still no luck on the the Galactic how many football uniforms am I gonna get give me the Galactic helmet we got the blood oath m416 another skin that we already have hey that's so close we got the sporty helmet here this isn't bad but it's a bike helmet man let's be real this isn't the Galactic helmet that I wanted this is a sporty helmet it's cool and white.

Though I like that but I want this galactic helmet that you're seeing right now that's what I want come on can we get this done I'm getting trolled I'm getting trolled for shirt we are getting trolled we are down I think below a thousand yeah we're below a thousand now what do we got enough for six more let's let's get it done in these six that's not the one you.

Get another epic shirt oh oh we got the Beast parachute definitely excited about that one guys I do like that parachute a lot can we get it right here last one well you guys want them you guys want a massive chest opening well dang it let's let's do a massive chest opening how many of these bad boys do you want to or do you want to open I say we do 20,000 you see yeah unless we get all that we.

Were going for I'll put 20,000 you see in in this video to open chest for you guys so hopefully you enjoy it smack the like button if you do let me know if you want to see more of these you guys gave me feedback on my last one that you wanted to see more of this so I'm gonna I'm gonna yeah I'm delivering oh my god it's killing me alright so here we go all set I knew.

This was gonna hurt I tweeted pump t-mobile ripped my wallet so can we get some rips in the in the comments here let's do it though let's get some mythic gear baby we have gotten one legendary so far in the car 98 skin and we are getting dancer lace tops over and over now not needed we already have them but can you imagine guys all of the silver oh yes yes yes yes that is what I am.

Talking about the Galactic helmet is mine hey that's what I'm talking about hold on can't we can we pause for a thumbnail okay perfect we got ourselves the thumbnail for the video because that is what we were going for the Galactic helmet baby but how long did it take to get there far too many let's send oh my god what is his clan.

Gifting be look at that look at that it's mythic what are we gonna get Oh superior crate token so I'm talking about 15 of them going out to the clan oh my goodness that's what I'm talking about these guys know I'm going on a spending spree they know I'm going on a spending spree if you check the UPS whoa whoa whoa what just happened there go back to the clan.

We'll go here and here and here beautiful heck yeah all right cool man so we'll go back to the shop I still would like I'll open some more I would like to get the Galactic suit oh my god dude I'm so pumped I got I got it finally I freaking got it I didn't think I was gonna I thought I was gonna spend whoa I guess I still got excited even though.

It's like gonna get shredded and turned into silver fragments I'm just gonna send more more to the chat you guys are welcome more car 98 collect just just have the silver you can do it guys enjoy courtesy of Papa feed be somebody's going off on a freakin Terror when it comes to legendary and mythic items tonight can we get another piece parachute that's cool I'm a rock that.

Fils parachute more fancies that we're getting a lot of rare items right now a lot of epics another car 98 heck yeah we're gonna send more look at that perks have been sent we just set one one minute apart everybody's oh look at that we got three fragments from that when I'm getting crates for people for free holy cow are you serious what else do we want is.

There anything that we want from this this list not really these crates are kind of lame this pans kind of cool but I don't know I don't really want to spin just for a pan the golden sand a cam is absolutely beautiful but I just I don't know my aka is already beautiful you know what I mean like I don't really need it that bad I would say don't think that I do I don't know.

Those are pretty dope shoes I'm going back to the premiums though because I'm still trying to get this Galactic suit let's go still not there ah checkered checkered suit not a diverse set we get that once again we'll spend that anonymous or send that to the chat everybody's like dude power bangs online we better get on and collect our stuff we still have some openings in the.

Lights-out clan so if you guys want to apply we are looking for you know very active highly skilled players to join the ranks so if you're like crown or higher feel free to hit us up and we'll see if we can get you in you never know what I'm going on a terror like this so you might have some cool stuff show up on occasion because when I start opening crates it's it's typically a lot of crew.

But oh it's typically a lot of crates you know what I'm saying how much do we have left have we gone through half more than half oh my god it goes so fast guys it goes so fast alright we need another dancer lay stop nobody cares can we get the go act it's all I want to know oh this is starting to hurt the pace of.

Legendary's has slowed down we got the bloody school shirt there that is an epic but not the one I'm looking for it okay I'm gonna the racing parachute okay not bad come on give me that galactic man another blood of import again I'm gonna have so much silver you aren't even gonna oh man we only have a little bit left mm-hmm.

Tell me if I get something good damn oh one more baby one more this is gonna get it this is gonna get it ah so the quest ends here guys twenty thousand you see spent on that closer to twenty two thousand actually so twenty two thousand you see what a gut punch well let's go check out the loot let's see what we got let's go up to the diver suit which is pretty sick.

Not gonna lie we also we're gonna go take a look at armor we can find it where is the armor there it is yes yes dude that is so sick oh I'm so happy to have that galactic helmet it's so good this this now matches oh my god all right yeah I'm a happy camper at this point happy camper at this point we will dismantle a little.

Bit without a hundred silver for one dismantle one hundred and thirty-two for one dismantle one hundred and twenty man oh man these are worth a lot guys you can get a ton from dismantling let's check our blood oath here look how many four hundred and eighty silver fragments for dismantling those that's crazy another thing we got the car 98 check this out blur the hearts 594 from.

Dismantling just two hearts and here we go that is what we are gonna be rocking right there the aw that we do have the circus that's what we had before we with all the blood oath is new that's actually pretty cool I'm pretty happy about that I did not have blood oath before I had the circus which a you know whatever we'll take this okay so car 98 we're going with the hearts that's what.

I'm gonna rock but before we do that actually I need to go to 1897 while as much as I like this winning chicken skin very nice we're going space travel 100% sure like final answer yeah final answer but carne idea is what we're gonna pose with on the the entry screen let's see here oh my God look at that look at that ad that's pretty doe so maybe we'll go with that for some of the new gear guys.

So much stuff to dismantle I won't do it during this episode but I kind of want to drop in and see oh my god that's too good paint glasses with the paint gun uh-huh yep that's what we're going with alright guys so we hopped into the training grounds here we're on the they're on the gun range and I took my controls off basically so I could look at all of this stuff in all of its glory.

But look at that this is the heart scar ninety-eight skin that thing is absolutely glorious you guys can see as well that is the Galactic helmet so really looking sharp here really like this in you know practice like when you actually get to see it on I'm gonna go back to my normal control so I can actually use them I like to have a you'll see in this this the.

Thumbnail basically I like to have a clean screen for one of my layouts that way I can you know get some nice-looking surroundings rather than having buttons like overlaid on top so let's go ahead and take a look at the helmets first and foremost you've got the level one which is actually really cool so check this out this is the level 1 helmet that for a level 1 is pretty.

Awesome I really like the Galactic helmet here and I like the fact that it's not shiny it's a matte finish so it doesn't look like it's going to scream I'm here in the grass proning right so it could be worse for example some of the other helmets are quite shiny even the level 3 helmet that is silver or grey is quite shiny indeed so let's take a look at the level 2 here you can see.

Some of the differences you got that little visor kind of thing in the front flipped up or band or whatever that is level 2 definitely looks a little bit you know different than the level 1 helmet but cool then the list and then we also have the little 3 and that's where you get that full face shield and this is where you start to look badass look at that thing we got that heart.

Scar 98 skin we got the diver a full suit on so that's kind of what it looks like right there guys really dope if you guys check out the new guns gonna got here this is the 1897 pump shotgun this thing is an absolute beast look at that look at that uh that's what I'm talking about it looks like you don't have to hit these targets super hard most accurate gun on the game right here pump.

Shot II from range how many targets when we take down at once let's see - I almost got to that time to that time and to that time - hats on dude we're batting over a thousand there with the pump shot II I mean this thing is pretty sweet I'm not gonna lie ah we landed all of our shots there with a pump shoddy for the car 98 this is truly the story here we can throw on the three.

Times that mean this thing that pink though I mean I don't know man running around I could totally go totally get into this this weapon here for sure you can see obviously doesn't affect the shooting as much but man I'm super pumped with my purchases what is this guy using a pain time so we can get eight times or really three times baby three times alright guys that is going.

To do it for the episode we opened a lot of crates hopefully you enjoyed it my goodness if you guys missed the star challenge earlier on today I'm gonna leave a link for you in the description to come watch that tomorrow come support your boy I'll be behind the casting desk casting action as always make sure you come check out the lights out squad that's gonna be going trying to get.

First place as well as second and third place we've got three different teams in this tournament participating in full or in part we've got team gates which is basically Rolex and his crew we've got the lights-out crew led by juicy currently in first place and then we've also got that guy leading those guys and that is three lights-out numbers that's Richie Grimes and that guy and they are.

Currently in fifth place overall so fantastic showing lights out taking numbers one two and five in a squad field of 40 teams right now so all are going to be moving on to the finals in Los Angeles should this keep up barring any disaster tomorrow so tune up 11 o'clock Pacific time guys hopefully you're there to support I would appreciate it that being said if the.

Lights out Twitter is now active so make sure you guys go follow at lights out pub G I will see you guys soon this Powerbank signing out so next time take care guys


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