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Hey guys one to another so by the time we're gonna watch this see they're gonna be that Tuesday Monday I know I was just hold on .


that someday sorry guys I was busy weselton is same reason here knots knots play can see I was about to pick the stage that is just a enough I didn't press it at the right time it's got really wanna fire so.

You only play on - where skies okay let's go let's go little boy scar little boy the battle and I are one way I'm too for it .

it's the one like the puppy one yeah that one where is that dog she'll have it right next opponent could I at least tried Fitz howdy thank you I just got I just got the tournament skin or costume I just gotta I gotta yesterday I was playing while you know the regular Thomas.

I always like this this constantly I've already played this game bro I'll play was story and practicing with every clicked because like injustice before before I got this game I was on injustice but now I'm justice to me just so but I messed up Xbox people that have you know profiles.

Even my brothers because because I got I got this box for feed from that brother so then yeah justice was we started it and I was pissed so then I was like you know I'm not gonna playing just same I don't want to do I don't do all this crap again so I just start playing justice brah my puppet I did that before I swear save me time yeah everyone everyone has.

Faction kills so I was like you know fuck it I'm not gonna go playing just see Luke says all the stuff he started and I worked so hard roll it was justice got me frustrated so much and then boom all the stuff is gone I think I can get it back I just need to remember I need to remember my email but I remember I pop it and then like the next day or so I got Dragon Ball fighters so yeah so.

Then I started training more in mka MKX because the controls feel like hard for me like the like combos it didn't feel right to me I can justice feels easy so you know I started practicing a lot I started practicing a lot in MKX I like little story and training well I mean I did a little bit I did a little bit of online but not that much only like a few times.

can she wins her own is like so easy to do and you don't even try to do it telling you burn you know if you guys want to play Mortal Kombat like if you wanna Holly's if you want to know their second fatalities just look online it's that simple I just did our just now.

Just just got an offer like if you wanna know my puppet just I just just gone you to search up my puppet for kaanchi no combat axe then boom you find it from people's videos and for others like Jax I did and I think scorpion and it you gonna get me dumb yeah that pussy and desirable way to him.

Fuck it up that's my mini burger yeah mom it'll burn for balance you don't really need me to burn when cousin God knocks come to you Wow really this is the end of Scarborough wait what first .

No don't get me down yeah you know the back ford move that is easy but like sometimes I just can't do it I don't roast me sometimes I just can't do it it just feels you know and new move with the button it just feels fast what I'm saying sometimes I can't do it but it's better when you do was in a.

Combo it feels better when you do Tarragona me keep down the desertion me so I think Oh no I must I was too busy looking at the finishing.

Moves cuz since she's about to die she's like I can get it with like two hits and like you know she's all the way over there I was thinking you know I got houses all the way there I was thinking not have time to look when to fart .

no I don't do the next plumbing you imagine that of evil oh come on seems to be just a catchy I like engine super people is how much trash so you know I mean it doesn't matter it it's my opinion I couldn't do it this is for you my boy.

I think so see I don't play as I don't really play as a alien I mean I bipartisan before but then I just you know just practice him then I quit you know like a it's like a fucking it's like fucking in there in there such a savage though.

When to fort let's go one way you know a trace ha wheezes that is so excess and you have to press like you have to do an input like up or down I'm loving is so different than the other game town you I'm sorry our people don't like the.

Temple whatever it's called the Shaolin monk temple I think because everything they play with it they clean that stage and they say like there's always come on not to say my bleep thanks my god he's mad for it farted on .

know what have been funny feet never even if the person is the person to kill me I don't know what happened so guys that will be it for the video like subscribe do all that I didn't do I didn't do not well cuz I.

You know what the combo I just stopped calm I will be it for the stream sorry the person that's watching right now let's watch it right now I can see the boy but um yeah that's gonna be it he left that's gonna be it


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