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How To Enjoy Cognac

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I happened upon this wonderful preparation of fine cognac while adventuring in Entebbe, Uganda several years ago. Many people wonder why cognac is so expensive and sought after and I frequently describe this ritual to interested parties, so please enjoy!
In this preparation, I used a tea kettle and tea cup, a brandy snifter, a small pitcher of local honey and a bottle of Remy Martin XO, because it is a nice and accessible cognac.


Hello and welcome today we are going to explore a con yack ritual that I discovered in Entebbe which is a diplomatic city in Uganda several years ago while I was visiting there this was the most expensive drink on the menu and I thought that the presentation was just too wonderful not to remember and to repeat so without further ado here we go cognacs served in the proper method so.

What we have here on the table is a pot of boiling water a brandy snifter cognac glass a teacup a small picture of fresh raspberry wildflower honey doesn't taste like raspberries honey and a bottle of Remy Martin XO con yak the thing that really ties it all together so to begin we will pour some boiling water into a tea cup and fill it up most of the way what we're going to do as soon as we're.

Finished with this is we are going to pour some con yak into the brandy snifter just a little bit and then we are going to carefully take the glass and set it in hot water this functions almost like a double boiler to warm the con yack to the proper level but without actually caramelizing it or ruining the flavor and so as we're doing this we will spin up so that we can.

Fully coat the glass this has a couple purposes one it moves the con yak around and so it allows it to circulate in the boiling water and to it you'll notice it's fully coating the inside of the glass which when you inhale this when you put your nose in the cup when we're finished you'll have a really powerful sensation and you'll get the full aroma of the con yak and truly get to.

Understand what this is all about and why people enjoy cognacs so much so we're going to be here for about a minute or so while we're letting it letting it heat up just to get to a proper warm temperature and this honey has been preheated so it is quite warm as well and once the con yak gets to about the proper temperature and we do a another full revolution of this cup.

We'll pour a small measure of the honey just to add some texture and sweetness to the whole event this in no way impacts or ruins the flavor of the remi martan it actually accentuates it and if you did this in any other fashion it would be borderline criminal to add honey to your cognac but but here it's the icing on the cake so we're about finished we've done a pretty good job.

Fully coating the glass so I'm going to say that it is now time to set the con yak down poor small measure of the warmed honey and then we will replace it in here so that we can finalize the cooking if you will and spin the honey around the glass as well so experiencing this in a very poor part of Africa was totally a a context shift which is why this entire.

Ritual stuck out so far in my mind but this is a really fun way to enjoy con yak and just a a simple ritual that you probably haven't heard of before on anyone that enjoys continent so I figured that I would share because I've been telling the story to people for years now and never actually shown anyone the proper way to do it so we're just about finished here but I think we.

Are actually and so the proper thing to do at this point is to put your nose deep into the glass of cognac and to get a a healthy sniff and a healthy sip and this is a fun and unique way to enjoy cognac have a wonderful day


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