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Beautiful Life • 24/7 Music Live | Deep House & Tropical House | EDM | Chill Radio

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Beautiful Life • 24/7 Music Live | Deep House & Tropical House | Chill Radio
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──────── Pulse Musification ────────

👑 Discord:
🌴Awesome people🌴
👑 Lorenzo Music - €1300.00
💥 Wilson - €800.00
🔥 Strongbad - €280.00
────────Rules of the chat────────
🌟 ENGLISH in chat! Everyone has to understand you!
🌟 No insult of any kind. Keep it cool!
🌟 No self-advertising!
🌟 Spread love💘
🌟 No discussion of Politics or Religion!
──────── Q/A ────────
Q: When did you start streaming?
A: 19 June 2016
Q: How long will the stream be online?
A: It should be online 24/7 unless we experience some technical difficulties.
Q: What happens if the stream goes offline?
A: If the stream goes offline we will work on getting it online as fast as posible
Q: Can you put on my song? Do you take song requests?
A: We don't take requests in chat/facebook/email. Our playlists are carefully curated and therefore we can't just play a song you want. In that way the stream is protected from harmful songs.
──────── Mini Games ────────
!flipbeer *Number* (check with !me)
!raid *Number* (check with !me)
!dice 1-6 ( tibian dice) fee: 1000 beers the win its 6k
────────Miss Pulse Bot ────────
!duel name
──────── FUN ────────
!beer - You feel like you want a beer? Here you go!
!tea - Rainy days should always have tea and a good book!
!coffee - Do you want to recharge your energy?
!pizza - Hungry, huh?
!hotchoco - Favorite drink? Enjoy it!
──────── BOT Commands (Chat) ────────
!bearhug @targetname
!cupid @targetname
!fastkiss @targetname
!flipbeer *Number* (check with !me)
!gift GiftName
!santa as Gift but with @targetname
► If you are an artist and you are looking to send the track to us check out this:

#deephouse #tropical #summer


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