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Flawless Parallel Parking (Everyday Advice)

Опубликовано: 9 лет назад
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Learn how to parallel park from real-world parallel parking experts. This episode is part of Vehix's Everyday Advice series which gives real consumers the chance to share their personal advice on cars and driving. Filmmakers: Eric Egan, Michael Harren, Chris Sinicrope, Kurt Glaser, Philipp Friesenbichler.


Hi I'm Kristen skully and I'm here today to talk to you about tips for parallel parking my name is Debbie Behrendt on the subject that I'm addressing is parallel parking hi I'm Denise and today I'm gonna give you some tips on parallel parking my name is Dan girl Fowley today we're going to talk about parallel parking.

Tyrone Kendall will help parallel parking the first tip is when you're approaching a space you need to make sure that the space will fit your car pull up beside the space and see if there's an adequate amount of room and see if you're gonna be able to fit in there one over one is that you become parallel with the car in front of the space you're trying to get into you pull.

Up as close to the car in front as you can even with the car in front of the parking space you have your signal on by this point put it in reverse and back up probably goes without saying your cell phone should have been up about three minutes ago one of the tips for parallel parking is that when your back tire is next to the back tire of the car that would be in front of you you'll want to.

Turn your wheel all the way towards the curb backing slowly into parallel parking you're gonna turn the front of the car out while you still backup and then you slowly and the key is slowly back in once your rear passenger door is even with their rear bumper that's when you start turning your steering wheel the other way and pull in so when you start to do what I.

Call the whip you continue to back in and swing the front end around it will come in right behind the rear bumper of the car in front of you at that point you'll rock back and forth and then you just pull up and straighten up because where you center yourself and then you can move the car forward or backwards kind of for good spacing and that's it and again.

One of the tips the biggest tips is take it slowly you you and that's how you do a perfect parallel park it's a lovely sight


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