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Showing the Tornador on nasty Coffee stain

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Alright guys you're probably a little tired of me making videos on this Toradora class kind of made several of them lately but I've got a good opportunity here you know a car with with light tan interior and we've got some pretty nasty coffee stains in it and so I just think this is a good situation show y'all what the toreador is good for and you know I've got my.

Steamer out I've actually got I've got the drill brushes so you know if you don't have a toreador I'd reckon I'd highly recommend getting these drill brushes and some super clean this drill brush and just a microfiber and you can do it a lot with that but but I'll show you all with just the toreador and a microfiber what we can get done oh yeah yeah sure.

So we'll try to get you a couple different angles these didn't go around the other side and I know I'm blocking the Sun so I'll try to stay back and do it like this and hopefully y'all can see right here hopefully he can bring this in and show you like right in here I'll move but you can see where it's pulling all that coffee all that staining up it's putting.

It on here so you can see it's really pulling it up and one of the things like I talked about that I really like about this classic over the black is that this thing it actually pulls stuff up whereas the black just kind of smeared it around so I really like that this actually pulls it up and so one of the things is it'll pull it up inside this cone so I do I've got a bucket out here and that's.

What I'll actually do is I'll take this dunk it in the bucket and squeeze the trigger for a second cleans it all out and then you keep on going but I'll move so he can show y'all so hopefully y'all can see right there where it's it's starting to do work it's starting to take that stain out I'm gonna try to go right here because it's pretty dark right here and then I'll.

Move and let y'all see now I even went over that longer than needed but once again I'll move and you can see all that that's pulling out it's over here in a in a puddle where it's pulling all that out and I'm 9 I'm sure this is coffee stains which you know if you you know coffee stains are one of the hardest Saints to get out and all this.

Is in here is super clean diluted four to one believe it or not when I first got this thing I took just plain water deionized water same thing as distilled water but I was getting stains out with just plain water because of what it does how it pulls it out of the carpet or or whatever but I'll move it real quick so y'all can hopefully see that difference in what it did.

But then I could you know go a step further and I could bring one of my drill brushes in come in here and agitate and as you can see hopefully you can see because it's got the super clean in the carpet it starts foaming up and bringing that soiling that stain up to the top so like I said you know the drill brush alone these things are really nice that's even before I had the.

Torn door this was doing and it works fun so these drill brushes are not expensive at all I think I got all three of them this one this one which this one comes in really handy when you're getting into crevices like that and then a bigger one that's flat like this I think I paid like maybe 20 25 bucks off Amazon but uh you know and your drill is going to be your most expensive thing.

And you know if you don't already have one but everybody needs a drill so most people I've seen people that are getting the corded ones I guess you can do either one I like my lithium ion and I've only got two batteries for this one and usually by the time one gets through charging you know may I just get to swap them out so I'm usually not without a battery you know maybe if you're doing.

Multiple cars or something you might run out I guess but but anyways I just wanted to show you all that real quick hopefully y'all can see what I'm talking about where it was definitely starting to do work and like I said I just thought it was a good opportunity to show one of the the situations that the torrent was good for so other than that.

Say I encourage you all to leave comments let me know things that y'all do want to see you know rather it be a process using a tool and if it's not something I have you know still mention it to me and I'll look into it same with products you know if there's something y'all want to see let me know down in the comments but other than that y'all be good or be good at it.


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