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The tools I have and use. A subscribers request.

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Hi everyone!
Here is a video that has been requested by some of my followers and subscribers.
In this this video I will take you through the tools I have, from scanners to programming tools.
Nothing special, and not a big collection, but they have been helping me to get jobs done.
Links to some of my videos showing some of this tools in action:
Renault Clip

Ford VCM ll
BMW Cables
Willem Programmer
Peugeot PP2000 & Citroen Lexia
Oscilloscope UNI-T UTD1042C
Hope you enjoy the video and all the above ones.
Any questions or comments, please put them below.
Like always, thank you for watching!


Everybody all my followers welcome to another one of my videos and some of you as I follow my channel have requested for me to make this video I promised I would do it spend some time but today finally I managed to get some time to get this video done and so basically this video is about the tools I use to do my repairs and very nice guys that this is.

Not my main job as I mention what time of the video this is the first time for me so we've not happy collection of tools but where is the tools I've been collecting over the years and doing this and I'm going to share with you so I will start into the scanners and then we're moving to the programming type of things and I'm not going to go too much.

In depth on any of the tools and if yours more in depth information I can start to make some videos for for for that if you guys want and but yeah so kind of start so on the corner over there I had the DX of a night I will leave a link below for the playlist for the playlist yeah for the videos I've done for that too very good tool and unfortunately a tool.

Is not going to stay between us for much longer they my mind I'm going upgrade and get tuned you will see why I'm gonna upgrade to and I probably gonna sell that tool and will be no point have two tools doing the same so yeah PSM of the ways as our multi maker scanners on my main scanner and very good tool and you let me down a few times but once.

Again I go through the videos I'll be making I'll be making for it and you'll know what it told us there from there we'll move we are moving to here so what I'm now hearing is out of it a boss that makes well I put together for these two tools so one two is the clip so I have a dedicate a dedicated laptop for it okay and give his word in there in the week now I've another tablet and a laptop.

Sorry see that's a pallet I'm a little app top for the fort vcn okay very good tools I will leave some links below for the visas of them with a bit click and you can do pretty much everything from programming flashy to use you can you bring back everything with this and a very good tool and if the third tool I have oh and then the first two tools the first tool I dropped it and and the app.

That I've cleanest after not working correctly then the reflow and to the tool and you worked okay for another year or so and then we stopped completely and the second tool and it just stopped working out of the blue and this is my third one but is either to die if I often so and it's not expensive so I just I just keep buy another one who failed the vtm you can also do.

Programming and flashy and epidemic but it's a very good tool to different activity enforce a very good tool as well and my way these long is this for Reno in the sport and moving down where is this way and Pedro and sit away now these two runs from the tablet using a pp-2000 or Alexia very good tool you can do programming you can do coding you can do quite a lot of things on page of.

The theater in sequence 32 and these two have been kind of failing lately every now and then it doesn't connect and I think it's very soon is going to be sense of great asiagos moving away are available dice this is the 2012 version tonight you can see this on the camera is it 2012 there's a 2014 out there now I believe and this is the 2012 what's say about is - nothing special.

From my experience you can't do a lot of things with the other than scanning a little bit up you can activate stuff a little bit of coding very much you could do a little bit and programming stuff like that is all online so unless you have an account on the winner Volvo you can't really do much with it and anything on this case anything over about 2012.

It doesn't even scan and because the Vedas on the database anymore so we found you not doing it this tool the software easily be heavy well depends on a laptop but this is the laptop I use so I have a separate a drive that I just put in when I want to use that tool and moving this way maybe here over vast 50 54 this is probably uneven oh why of all this to be honest with you and I never.

Got it to work with all these it works fine with the vast PC and I never get it to work all these all these obvious whether we call it I don't really use it be honest but but I have it and moving this way before we go to that box over there I will show you this one this one is nice on consoles and it's for listens.

You would be able to do everything with this tool providing you have the cards and I have a delicate laptop for the consoles as well and I don't have the security card or the reprogramming card which means Adam on digital for me is always Kenny as long as you can't do much Melinda okay move into this box these boxes from this tool okay why is this tool called Gordon a now I forgot.

The main guys anyway this tool is probably it was one of the first multimeter to like oh and he's the most reliable probably alongside with even these was the war still in the 2011 software on it and but I had so many I mean so many cars that you will connect this was before I had a VSO noise and this tool like pretty much to use it I don't even know why I still have it I.

Don't really use this tool and and this is one now if I this box around a few cables and I will take you through some of the words that I use the scanner and stuff like that so i have the fax that's quite well-known Kable nothing know what it says with this then I heard that's what having here right I have the Vienna very table some of you as I follow my channel might.

Be familiar with this cable I actually have 2 of 8 from different vendors this is working that is actually called p.m. devil cables if I'm not wrong then I should have another one that is not here our now there is which is from BMW technique they both to the same thing pretty much the only thing is this table is for can net works which goes up to about 2007 on.

The endeavors and this one as I put in there it goes for digital cam so we can work on cars about 2007 and if you try to do that with each cable on a 2009 for example using your NCS expert or whatever it doesn't work you need people hello then I have come actually up to Ockham's and one eye i don't really touch it this this one is the one I use to upgrade.

Film wares and stuff like that so to kind of play with it experiment new things new version it's tough and a habit when you take these pills because the tools I use quite often as well so this is calm math too and chemists scatters a it's alright oh no I have one last one which is the BMW what you call it for f-series to connect to the network.

And software for this cable we actually own the meters I thought at the time I didn't put on my one so I've used this scaleable couple times only and it certainly world though my hand the coding that paddles on an F serial and a half s01 I think it was he's on my videos so yeah BMW F Series oh okay hold it down I don't have it.

Right moving to be a wc1 being there with BMW scanner for the e-series issues now this is for the e theories but is for the cars III 9 e 36 blah blah blah blah it's for the old 10 and then we have BMW 2.10 we have a DPM there with - this tool is pretty much a scanner you can do only be a coating on it we they'll reset stuff and things like.

That BMW - and this one as well but the end of - is good as well for scanning coding few things changing VIN numbers on modules is very good as well so - tool here then we have then we have we are we are a more fit these be used with a field software I can remember the name now let me turn the lights off so I can take you through some of the software's so this is to be used with fiat software.

And for all three it's obviously well all the new Fiat spurts are more for hope is I don't use it very often I've use it four times by not very often yes back on an old little vacuum the archival remember last time a beauty still here and after this is all programming stuff so let me let the laptop to put out just as quickly I have to knock these laptops.

You have very good laptops can use them at the tablet which is very good and they are both they are basically a clone of each other we did the people that I use a banana over here recent final so every time I want to try a new software why I usually do is I will solo down one and then if it works I leave it here and then i replicate intervening and I have I've drives every.

Time I do something only be more serious I take a backup of the hard drive and and then I do it so our backups of these laptops everywhere and also if one laptop fails I have one yeah pretty much a clone of each other and we got you with just a few difference and so please take so with it or is that it this fear okay what is the right way he is easy used can - that's what I have.

And multi di multi died yeah multi diagnostics is the software published all and a half alpha daggers well to run with a bare feet cable and that's pretty much it okay now moving to the programming and I'll take you through here first so I had by Ken commander and bean reader I've used this cable only a couple times but it served me well the times I've.

Used it then I have so I have then I have 1262 download issues so the why well no cable Ethernet very very well and what sometimes this cable then I have MPP F version 13 I haven't used it very often because in the meantime I got version 16 and I've been using version 16 MCS so that's where we are .

Excuse me okay where was I so yeah I'm using our version 16 that's where I am and now or next movie to my programmers I had X brought serve me many many many times as you have seen to my videos this little adapter are soldered these series of pins on top so I can't do something like this so I can use this you theoretically you'd solder the chip in here and you root you would read.

Directly but I have these adapters okay and so what I do now is I just put it on top and that's it put the chip in there and you read straight from there so extra very good too if you are into programming infuse it runs IEP roms that's a very good tool then I have my old William in this house pronounced I've modified my one once again so I can.

Use these adapters so normally you put the chips in here I have this and I made contacts of all this into the site so I can just connect this straight into today like this so that's how it works my horse Willam is there with me many times still today I still programming a lot of stuff in this hey J tau J link I don't use it very often and the main.

Use for these now is to upgrade credits on Caprock ok and will be next to care for a program it's a pistol a few times and is is a very useful tool and to retrieve pink codes to do programming eproms NCS as well and airbags - loads of stuff I use it quite often as well d DM hundred for MPC five five five and five five six Fernandez taken I've.

Used this tool now the focus ring give me a second guys okay sorry like that that was so pdms and obviously stool twice until today if I'm not mistaken that's time to use it next yazhini is easy you two for is use so reprogram is use obviously a few times I've used a few times I have a video.

I'll leave a link below using it still so yeah yeah Jamie and last one is the key tag and these two obviously a few times ready as we can quite helpful and a very nice tool quite reliable and never let me down so thank you and and last not so much of well it is a talk if my scope is a uniquely the model is the utd 104 to see is a 40 megahertz scope at 250 and and.

Is it is a meter in scope so you can use it can be use as well and it is nothing special but for the work I do is more than enough and it is a handheld tool so I can take it anywhere so it just what is very nice and I've music as you have seen from some of my be design is this tool very very often it's very nice it's a very nice tool whether it's going to be a few adapters and it's a two-channel.

Scope by and and it is a very to me if you need a scope to work on cars this is a very good option my expensive and for the scope and is a very good tool and I think that's it for now this this is the the tool to help with it so like I said I've been collecting over the years and these are tools I use on a daily basis like I said this is a.

Part time for me but in the tools I use when I work on cars and on top of these obviously I have your scene formalities as well I have another multimeter from unity I kind of remember which model is I have another water heater I have a hem clump measure attempts and other tools are they are not here but basic so that will help you to diagnose and to diagnose problems on cars and that's it.

And that little values if you have any questions guys this print below I will try to answer them as good as I can and as quick as I can if you have any any any questions just just pull me along guys I hope you enjoyed video I know it's nothing special it's just my things hope you enjoyed the video and like always guys thank you very much for watching thank.

You very much for supporting the channel for living great comments is very very motivating to see some of your comments and in that tip guys have a nice day and see you next time


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