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Calming Sleep Music, Relaxing Music, Peaceful Music for Sleeping, Beat Insomnia, Sleep Meditation

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Allow this soothing and calming music to help you enter a deeply relaxed state and help you sleep peacefully.
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Bad Twinkies • 27 минут назад
I can't sleep because i think about 'something that i'm afraid of' and tomorrow i have a test. So i hope of can help me sleep. I'm confused right now
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자연성형미쎌 피부최초특허 • 1 час назад
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Keoka Love • 2 часа назад
So soothing and relaxing
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Noureen exo-l • 1 день назад
um i sleep for 9 hours and exept th exam in the school but its works😀
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S&D life family • 1 день назад
Its so relaxing
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Taylor Britt • 1 день назад
Hey I noticed in the description you are promoting Better Help, I would not do that if I were you. They've been known to actually be pretty shady and their Terms of Service are kinda ambiguous in a bad way. There are lots of videos here on YouTube about the situation, I recommend watching s couple and seeing what you think. But yeah Better Help is not all it's chalked up to be.
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Elizabeth Patterson • 1 день назад
Put me to sleep in 2mins last night 👏👏
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Tom Ficke • 1 день назад
too repetitive
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Thibaut Lebara Timba • 1 день назад
Merci pour ces mélodies qui ont pu enrichir et à surmonter ma spiritualité de façon très positive....
J’ai enfin retrouvé un sommeil apaisant Et me libérer de toutes ondes NÉGATIVES 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Un grand merci JASON STEPHENSON..
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Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music • 15 часов назад
You're most welcome, Thibaut Lebara Timba. Much love your way!
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Liam Bugbee • 1 день назад
I work at a school a pre school btw and Your music brought music to my ears now for bed and at nap time (at desert dawn) it made all of us sleep instantly. So, thanks dude you really helped me out!! 😘😘
👍 3
T’Ariqa Ighttt • 1 день назад
This is how I gts thank u ❣️!!
👍 3
Maya Bellinger • 1 день назад
These channels help me go to sleep. I love y’all thank you. Keep doing it!! ❤️
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Mihaela Marin • 1 день назад
lm on cloud 9
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Ahmed Mansoor.k.s • 1 день назад
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guage • 2 дня назад
I always thought these channels were useless but now I listen to them every night and I fall asleep in an instant !~ 💕
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Dark_Angel_of_Death • 2 дня назад
Can we have this in 4k. Would be soooo nice!!!!!
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Shaquita Maxey • 2 дня назад
Such an amazing piece of work. It’s such a pure sound. As I prepared to meditate and reflect... it’s an immediate calmness that arrests me and I surrendered everything o God! This is like the sound of an open heaven. This is waves of healing m, restoration, renewing and more. Blessings to you. Continue to allow your goodness to reach the ears of the masses.
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Toni Porto • 2 дня назад
This video made me see ! I was so afraid of driving to see my granddaughter.it made me see that you only have one. Life ! I’m going to see my grand
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LunarX Lulu • 2 дня назад
Thank you very much Jason for making peace and I slept with this music because I watched alot of scary animation and now this galaxy music cloud took it away (I'm weird now ;w;)
👍 2
ashton houran • 2 дня назад
You looking through the comments Go to sleep
👍 6
Terry C. • 21 час назад
You posting the comments about looking through the comments...GO TO SLEEP.
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Ba Watch • 1 день назад
ashton houran damn, you right.
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