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Hitachi Boombox

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Details on the Hitachi Boombox I have on eBay.


Thanks for visiting this video this is a video showing the details of the Hitachi boombox that I have up for sale on eBay as you can see it's in excellent condition very few signs of wear nothing is broken everything works there are some small chips and the paint on the grille as you can see very few though and they're tiny the grill is not dented in any way it's.

Not been repainted or anything like that this is exactly how it came and everything works so let's just first I'm going to turn the volume down all the way it's got to separate a left and right volume control I'm going to switch it over to FM the antenna extends fully and it's not bent or broken turn the volume up a little bit you can see that the level indicator works as well as the.

FM stereo indicator here's a switch here for an FM stereo or mono stereo the speakers can be in normal super base mode so that all of the amplifiers has got three built-in amps all of them are working and the base you can switch it to power save load which i think is pretty much it turns off the base and then there's a speaker off switch it over to tape now oh actually I should.

Show you that the tuner works too okay I'm gonna turn that down switch it over to tape so that we can make sure that works all I have is do on tape sorry so push play here turn the volume up a little bit while the graphic people eyes until it works okay Oh forward/reverse checked put a blank tape in here test the recording features I'm gonna switch the speakers.

Off that's what you have to do to get the mic to work so that's off I'm gonna hit record and play and we can watch a level indicator and see that it is picking up my voice testing one two testing testing one two testing and while we're over here I will show you the only other sign of where that I could really find you can see next a bit below the tape counter and next to the.

Tape counter reset button the paint is a little bit worn off right there you can see those little checkers and some of them are kind of worn off they're not a big deal okay so I'm gonna stop this rewind play switch is a sign of wear that I can really find you can see next to it below the tape counter and next to the tape counter reset button so we can see the.

Recording features work well let's take a look around at the back here's the battery compartment very clean I don't know that it's ever even been used seems like it must have just been plugged in all the time you can see right here a cool feature of this is that you can wrap up the cord and just stuff it in here in this compartment to save that there's some inputs on the back a right.

And left mic input a line in and a line out and then over here on this side we've got a mixing volume a mixing mic and a headphone jack and again you can see that everything is in excellent condition and that's it thanks for checking this out bid accordingly if you have any questions send me an email through eBay thanks have a great.



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