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Raidmax Viper II atx tower unboxing and review

Опубликовано: 2 года назад
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cool case, not super high quality but after a mail in rebate mine was only $20....so for 20 bucks you get a pretty sleek case.


Alright guys so this is the Viper 2 by Raiden axe it's a pretty nice Tower it's a budget Tower and it's gonna be a quick unboxing review of the actual item so the first things yes it's definitely a budget item it's a plastic and steel so we're not talking about any tempered glass for the windows is all flexi and plastic so don't get ro sit there but it is a budget build you can have this.

Thing for under 60 bucks actually got this one for $49 with a 15 no excuse me it was 30 what's well whatever was those 20 bucks by the time the rebate was done so I'm terrible at math I think was 35 so maybe like 20 $20 after the rebate so really good deal on it there's a feature I'm looking her in there bad video I think basically just taking off of the plastic but it has a.

Vented bottom mounted power supply which kinda nice and it's a ATX mini mini ITX micro if it's the fits olives that's it so micro ATX ATX mini ITX if it's all the motherboards going to be worried about with although we'll say it probably is kind of crappy with a micro ATX could be too small even inside that window but yeah it's pretty good item I'm really satisfied with it I'm.

Probably gonna do a build with it over the next month or so with a budget parts and everything else I like for viewing the budget tower is mainly because people who are on budget obviously want to buy these things but at the same time you don't want to buy it get it break it for ins me pee scrap and then you have a shipping back and then all the sudden your budget pcs not a.

Budget PC after pay for restocking fees your time and expense everything else so this is why I do do these RVs on these most expensive models or possibly older models so first thing you see here is our thumb screws which is kind of nice because sometimes these budget piece bc cases bc towers do not have thumb screws you force your screwdriver to replace it with your own thumb screws whatever you.

Want to get done and yeah that's always a big plus for me when this got done screws is a stupid little thing but it's something that costs like a next twenty five cents for the company but they will cut that out in order to save and make it more budget-friendly at the expense of convenience so some things like captain captain budget-friendly and still kept it user.

Friendly with the thumbscrews kind of nice you all right the next thing it has a USB 3.0 USB 2.0 and HD audio cables as well as and push buttons up there with what I like about this compared actually the case I did recently another ability recently was the top of the case the top plastic portion is completely.

Independent of front so with another case they actually had some the power buttons were wired in and connected in a way that beta fix made it so you couldn't separate both mount without like undoing wires and stuff so this is kind of nice because it means all your power buttons all your switches there up on the top so you can take the top off and pull everything out basic just.

Skeleton I was saying when you're building with it so it's kind of nice the front of the pant the front panel it has a little door which I that's my first PC ever had those built for me had a door and I was kind of stupid but then I bought a PC case and built one without a door and realize that if I sat there and took out those little 5 and 1/4 inch panels to put in a disk drive or.

Anything else they were kind of sunk in and threw off a line for the entire rig so I ended up not putting in a $20 DVD DVD drive that I kind of worn it in there because it would just mess up how the front of case look with this you don't worry about that you put in three things they can be ugly as sin because you're not going to open that thing very often anyway it also has a space for two.

Fans front and that will give you the cooling also has space or two fans at the top you all right so now we've got that side lawful glass or going to take off all the plastic super satisfying but um you'll notice first things first you'll see the instruction sheet which is useless it is absolutely just garbage.

There is no real instruction to it it's four pages on there's one in English one like Spanish German and maybe French and they also the same thing and they speak to give you a list of what it can do what what it looks like when you put all the things in there to where fans go that are extra all that fun stuff what it doesn't do is tell you hey this is how you take off this without breaking.

Off a piece of plastic woods how you take this off safely doesn't do any of that so I had to kind of run through that explore how that was actually done very carefully so hopefully if you watch them to indicate here my description how you guys to take off these pieces they'll make sense now when the first thing is worried about after I open that first side panel.

Was oh my gosh there seems to be no place or cable management that wouldn't basically just be right in that window dairy and look like garbage but noting the winter is kind of narrow you might be okay with it but the back panel actually has a little dent in it which is kind of nice so it might throw the lines of the Box a little off a little bit but tower overall it's pretty sleek.

That little I guess almost a half inch maybe of bulge maybe a little less maybe maybe three maybe create some but it's basically there just to give you a little bit extra space cable management some PS use come with a corded motherboard cable which is cylindrical which makes it kind of tough those are flat which makes a little easier but yeah this is here's this is just the.

Basics of I mean it's just fairly simple you look at the bottom there you'll see the mechanical hard drive case and the one just above is for SSDs and then you got your space for five and a quarter inch drives and everything else ciara again your PSU going to be bottom mounted as we filtered from the bottom so that's a video what PSU you have if you can see in the window your lettering.

On it might be upside down depending on how you how they send it to you and here's the inside of the case and again without that back bulge in the panel kink cable management is probably pretty much just a nightmare with this thing so that's one thing to consider if you want to be flush against the wall or how that this won't do it because it does have that bulge and without it kill.

Management would not work very effectively my work a little bit not too terrible will like a lot of towers nowadays the offsets come pre-installed for a certain size if you want I think you want to go full ATX board you got to add three more offsets and I'll take care of it and again you might have to rearrange bending on where your particular.

Motherboard is set up all right so this is five and a quarter inch pay drives and how you actually take them in and now it's super easy some of the some companies they make it hard and take it out I can take it out one time and you're done because pain to get them in you go in and out really easy it's got a little thumb press there or finger press.

And then you pop it in pop it out and they're very simple to pull in and out and you can very much they're really kind of nice alright so this portion is kind of a pain so learn from me here now obviously I've already removed all the pins from so I'm going to show you but the biggest thing is having troubles you basically want to grab it from the back end of the of the tower take your thumbs.

On the top push forth that should be enough to do it except for one little thing and I'm going to show you the little hooks that actually go into it so the if you look here you'll see a little post just sticking out that's where a screw went it doesn't tell you in the instructions because they're bad instructions that there's a screw there.

So you're just there pushing on it nothing's happening but there is a screw there you do have take it out first before you move the top of the case and make sure you do that or you might have snapping something the rest is all this a little like foot and prong system the base you just got slide it in press it forward and it latches in place that's what I'm using I didn't put the screw.

Back in because that seemed kind of stupid because it was secure enough on its own but yeah make sure you take the screw out don't force it because you will end up just cracking the plastic on it ruining your case and making it look like crap well yeah there's a little screw hole and there's a little a little I don't know which call him I guess you call them fasteners for the.

Top they just slide in place and they're fairly secure and barely uh tight all right now I'm moving the front case again I've already got to remove but with the front case again there's no instructions how to do it best it has these what has a little peg little plastic pegs and their lies cases have that kind of make it really hard to get out and they're designed not to be.

Removed in and out tossing Lisa I mean that is true you don't want them you don't want to take this case apart twenty times before you use it because then the plugs be worn out and you won't have a function in front of your case front of for your case anymore but this is what it looks like skeletonized the big thing was I finally had success getting this thing off.

Because there's not a lot of gripping room when you pull from the bottom so when you see this thing put back together you'll notice at the bottom there's a gap where the plastic meets the actual skeleton of the of the steel case kind of just move that out first it will be a little tug and it'll pop and then you can pop off the top and sides and kind.

Of give it some evening pressure after that point this is how you put it back on it's real simple it's basically reverse putting them back taking it off and that's ambassador at agra my part you just snap into place and if you look right with my right hand as you'll see that gap where you can basically grab it and kind of do that first initial yank to get off that front case I've tried.

Pushing it those pegs in from the back but my fingers are too big and it just would just didn't fit well with the case and I was trying to just get it in there and just work but right there's little gaps where you want to kind of grab and just kind of yank a little bit and now get it out and I'll reiterate again because all the HD audio and USB hookups and power.

Hookups and power button stuff was all the top portion this case you can completely scale up and I have this case out and do all your installing without ever even touching the top of this case until you want to actually plug in those various items into your motherboard so you got a way to basically just completely skeletonized this case for install and putting together that's very.

Convenient and very nice without having to worry about you know while you're installing scratching the plastic or the screwdriver and so you can separate things out get everything away from you while you work it on the board with whatever tools you got and then you get back on now put in the top of the case back on it's just trial and error yeah it's got to line those pegs up there's.

Six of them along the side get them all lined up and it'll pop in place here the first time I tried didn't quite pop in so you got take the thing back up full thing out just a little bit and then pop it back into place it just take these kind of got an eyeball and sieve and try to get it lined up eventually I got it on there so it's not not too terribly a pain but if you add on if you want to.

Really put the screw back in that little hole I wouldn't even do it because the moment you put that screw in there because its location if you get an aftermarket CPU cooler or if you get an aftermarket graphics part what you're going to want to do because they're most boards don't come integrate it anymore that are for gamers the moment you do that you have to take out that whole CPU.

Cooler system just to unscrew and take off the top so don't put that screw back in there it's just going to be a pain the rest of the time you have this computer because every time you want to make an adjustment to the hardware it's going to probably involve you taking the top of this case off in some manner and all of a sudden you can't do that about just taking the whole damn thing apart.

So don't even bother put that screw back in there it's useless and worthless you that is the viper-two case by raid max it is a really cool case and honestly on a budget you can't beat this price I mean I got mine for 20 bucks after mail-in rebate so we're talking about a very inexpensive case they're very simple to deal with and I'm going to.

Probably do another review where I basically actually do a build with the - let's see if there's any other problems that come up with it as I'm doing the build remote for the most part it's a good case oh my turtle in the background cool but yeah this case is pretty cool and for the price you can't beat it thanks for watching


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