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James Wade vs. Simon Whitlock Incident - 2013 PDC World Grand Prix

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James Wade vs. Simon Whitlock Incident - 2013 PDC World Grand Prix


The names of the men sound he got that forensic examination of the bed himself to make sure it was there and it was for James way that first art is outrageously low your score struggling to get there no bro we like making don't you can't beat a bit of needle James definitely said something think Simon just black chip 100.

Wow shades of Peter Mannion Adrian Lewis the circus tavern all those years ago here happening large Adrian he didn't sour 100 James remar James falls on Hall one trouble 20 the Simon Whitlock was taking his darts out and then walk him back too slow and it was putting him on now what is effectively asking points is that can he have a word.

With Simon Whitlock to stop doing it well it's not illegal do what he likes and the amel turn out just in pipe wins in the fourth set look like it's going all the way Simon Whitlock currently one nil up on the machine Taylor aggression James not liking what he's doing looks the SunZia and disinterest I will require nosy well who carries on with that attitude there's only one winner of.

This darts match 15 to 16 this could go all the way and I really do think that now because there's nothing nothing in it the way they're playing are no the scoreline says there's nothing in it but the way they are playing is so similar they're both messing around on the odds starting double your scoring is not as high as we'd have expected I just think.

That there's a bit of tungsten tension AG's reveal that the elastic band is being stretched to breaking point up there between the two players and somebody could stab stay tuned no straw or wide will snap if you continues to miss darts at starting double six the only saving grace is that it's on summon Whitlock's h before half a dozen darts Chuck to the double.

And missed eight more mr. go anywhere you're strong the like you could consider like you concede it there would be yeah he would the last start was just throwing petulance that was what was not good for me danger taking out one of the lights I'll do what saddens he's just throwing it optic it's just prancing - well salmon.

Well well well you've talked to Michael Van Gerwen Wade and he said that he felt barnable going at the ball was totally disrespectful what will Whitlock make about you think he will oversee it as Michael may go in sit and it is a lack of respect or or he will think I've got you mate right where I want you I've got you beat in the mind you're there wonder if he would have liked to have toyed.

With way like a kitten with a ball of wool by deliberately missing doubles same thing and you can throw in the middle but I'll keep missing just for a laugh Oh torturing it but yes I see where you're coming from but no I don't think it would have done that because he's average may have dropped double six Eastertide he goes silent way long.

Change the lane in sense this growing gripping struggle for supremacy to the semi-final of the Grand Prix a Whitlock has the energy leads Wayne to one rejoin us for the day move off and the guards house and tribulations of the city where stage continues still the running conversation with referee Paul Hinks about something he's concerned about up there that Simon Whitlock is.

Doing to whatsoever but look he's doing to you ad is pushing you to the brink of defeat to want to Whitlock earlier 60 healings here to treble right carpet there that you see the orange carpet indicates the exclusion zone James Wade should not be encroaches he threw in that area wild salmon whitlock he's throwing he's too close to the man throwing the darts.

Now that is wrong what some whitlock got accused of by Wade earlier was not to fry that carpet brought in after the masters of the dark darting arts like the likes of Rocky Harrington who freely admits that he sometimes used to kick his opponent six infamously against Keith della never pulled a stroke in his life a weight shouldn't be near there he shouldn't be shouldn't be anywhere near.

There he will be fined appropriately not allowed to do it 81 while stre alonein is throwing you must stay back well well well whenever the whys and wherefores matches in the melting point it could be over in a matter of half a dozen dance from Simon Whitlock Lanier with three more from Whitlock this is big for way now to save it well.

Yep sama Whitlock side now he's not going to take out the 139 looking for 60 to leave tops Simon Whitlock 59 has 19 preferir they can see this is the reason why in between sets their wallets could have got the knob and to say have a were within Paul just tell them he's in the wrong spot whoa.

Scenario simple James way has got to win two consecutive legs Whitlock just needs one of the two ways all three can use it as a free roll you can think right I'm just going to attack them attack but relax but what James White is effectively doing with this leg is getting over and done with a long evening song and Whitlock of trying to attack.

persevering is moving over using the first start as a marker James Wade has already been in a pressure cooker situation for this thank you once gets Connie Phillip write him on the ropes Wade produced a brilliant last leg Steve Bateson that one dancer beat him didn't 85 .

Can he complete the performance James Wade one that away from the semi-final fantastic absolutely fantastic James way that last leg was as good as you will ever see in the circumstances James way two times winner of this tournament is into the semi-finals again he is edged toe in an absolute nail-biter again silent Whitlam one win away.


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