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I played some more Fortnie with Cizzorz! The trolling never stops with this guy... 🙄 Also, looting around the Loot Lake tornado is impossible 😅
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item shop I'll bet it's not but there's nothing new wait what I'm not new holy bog oh my bog holy pond despite a night oh my god oh my holy crap oh my god yo yo okay we both buy it but what's going to you oh that backswing is way better.

really important question okay it hit me with it so I'm Campos fictional Instagram why should I capture it post a picture on Instagram what should i caption it yeah what is the picture oh that is very important information are you like I think are you.

Posing are you wearing anything special like what you do it in the picture oink oink and that's it and the pig nose of Oh sheep talk to me where are they okay these are my grenades Thanks Oh discuss cooldown well thank you going.

Mine mi now I need the med kit there's multiples gimme all right she's so weak on me I'm using a chug joke in the storm I'm currently 200 IQ I know what I'm doing don't worry like right here right here right here right here jump jump stop moving one more wow that.

Smells great oh god I'm bad like I was so bad I'm sorry have shield on this island for you know that it's don't roll this is so troll big shield right here big shield right here for you no you're not I can't build in there like you're not sorry but no no they're.

Open this one by one this wood one by one want to go to the island and then skirt fly over to the diner and I'll meet you there on me really week got him there's a honey honey rifle up here yeah I don't have the math for this Eamon oh my gosh.

we gotta meet up with this other guy though I'm a med kit why isn't letting me get I'm so mad got him nice 20 seconds no storm you have any heels there anything I'm taking yeah please so you want to go for hop on great idea I've never had a better idea in my life I never had a better idea of.

My life it's a great idea to build one ramp in front of us the best idea I've ever had calculated by the way get on get on all right good hop hop on hop on hop on hop on hop on hop on yeah oh they're right under it.

Perfect there at the building listen I'm gonna head shut this calamity and then we're gonna team up on the nose get down I got one down calamities below you holy moly then you it's John


Leo Villarreal • 3 часа назад
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Jose Rosas • 14 часов назад
0:41 she has the tata too lol 😂
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Thirdy Cesar de Guzman • 1 день назад
My favorite youtuber is pokimane end ziccors
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Thirdy Cesar de Guzman • 1 день назад
Soooooo super much
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MMathews_1414 • 1 день назад
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Robyn Crook vlogs • 1 день назад
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Izzy Drain • 1 день назад
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Boss Amr • 1 день назад
I followed you on everything friend me please name prothennick
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Julian Ratanak Eav • 2 дня назад
OMG I watch you like every time
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500 subscribers no videos • 2 дня назад
*THERE'S* *A* *GURL* *!*
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Alexander Elias Simonyh • 2 дня назад
poki kan vi blive venner på fortnite jag heder alexanderelias42 pls poki
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Jackson Bailey • 3 дня назад
The guy was just trying to do challenges
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Galaxy Bandit • 3 дня назад
1:58 say that in real life and its scary
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TCS Flxss • 3 дня назад
*60*k vbucks???
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T- Rex • 3 дня назад
I just got an add about you OMEGA LOL
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Cade Riley • 3 дня назад
You’re hot poki mane🥰
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Henrix Pratt • 3 дня назад
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Henrix Pratt • 3 дня назад
Can I kiss
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Henrix Pratt • 3 дня назад
I like like you
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kealangameryt1 phone • 3 дня назад
Trap now feel sad:,(
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kealangameryt1 phone • 3 дня назад
Why not use trap poki?
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