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Ghazwa-e-Hind: The Islamic Conquest of India Prophecy

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India was ruled by Muslim monarchies for centuries and some still dream of a future rule of India. Ghazwa-e-Hind is one thing that is often associated with this interest in India. Let's look at it.
I forgot to insert the name of the crazy, popular Sufi "Scholar" who has predictions about the conquest of India. His name is Shah Nimatullah Wali.
One factual mistake in the video is me saying that the term (Ghazwa-e-Hind) is not found in Islamic scripture, but it is actually found in Arabic (Ghazwatul Hind) in two hadiths that I dismissed because they are "daif" (weak/unauthentic).
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Hi everyone had welcomed the city apostate prophet I hope you're all having a great week on my two live chats that I had so far many people ask me a specific question that I want to talk about now I'm gonna tell you everything I know about it and what I think about it our topic is a prophecy by the peaceful prophet Muhammad about the conquest of India yes India many people.

Know this prophecy as lesoire a hint gezuar is an Arabic word which stands for a battle or a military expedition but was after the rise of Islam more and more used for holy wars the term gezuar a hint is not really Arabic and is supposed to stand for the holy war against India or the conquest of India the term itself is not mentioned in any fundamental source of Islam it was.

Derived from a several sources in which Muhammad made promises to his followers very sweet ones very peaceful ones let's just jump into it The Messenger of Allah said there are two groups of myoma whom Allah will free from the fire the group that invades India enter the group that will be with Jesus don't be confused by the part about Jesus according to Islamic eschatology Jesus will return.

Before the end of the world and serve in our last course he will kill the Islamic Antichrist or anti Allah break the cross which means he will end Christianity tell Christians that Islam is the true religion then he will also exterminate pigs and something that always has to be there in Islam fight the Jews but enough of that for now I will cover that in a different video the important part is.

India in this hadith Muhammad promises that a group among his believers will invade India in order to bring it under Muslim control and they will be free from hellfire and go to paradise for that what a peaceful prophecy right this hadith is graded by Islamic scholars mostly as good evidence and by other scholars as fully authentic in this case it is an undeniable part of Sunni Islam.

And partially of Shia Islam some people use several other hadith about the same issue even though those are deemed authentic but that doesn't change a thing one Islamic hadith exists and it's very important some scholars especially in more recent times interpreted the hadith as a prophecy that was already fulfilled when.

Muslims invaded and subjugated the Indian subcontinent a thousand years ago but the majority and more accepted scholars have interpreted this as a prophecy that can't have come true yet because Muhammad was talking about the end times and the world didn't end back then as far as I know therefore the general belief is that India will be conquered again once and for all in the.

Future to be very honest fair and clear the vast majority of Muslims globally have probably never heard of this prophecy especially if they are not from India or Pakistan so there is no global ambition among Muslims to come together in conquer India but a lot of Muslims in Pakistan and India still believe firmly in this and still use this prophecy as a part of propaganda religious propaganda.

Some even think that the process has started already and that Hinduism will be subjugated and India will be conquered by Muslims they are proud of it and if you say something they will attack you and tell you about how Islam is all about peace you can just make a quick search for gezuar a hint right here on YouTube and you can find a lot of videos usually by Pakistanis or.

Pakistani Imams that approve of this and add to the prophecy and in the comments section you can see how peacefully people make comments such as I am ready for gezuar and it is a form of disgusting barbaric propaganda but it is also highly religious as said some proponents of this prophecy majorly Pakistanis believe in a future war between India and Pakistan that would.

That would fulfill this prophecy considering that India's far superior in military power and much more lighter than Pakistan that's very unlikely and using nuclear weapons on each other would be some special form of suicide for both nations in the long run that's why there are other groups like radical Muslims in India's troubled and Muslim dominated terroristic cash.

Region lets British propaganda widely on the internet and want every Muslim to believe in this others that reminds Indians of this prophecy very often are unsurprisingly Islamic terrorist organizations and fundamentalist Muslims who honestly stick to the scripture the hadith and current propaganda is not the only issue there have been numerous scholars and other people in history who.

Made predictions and invitations about the Muslim conquest of India most importantly Shani Mutulu wali a persian sufi scholar and poet from the 15th century made predictions about Muslims and Indians having several Wars and the Muslims finally conquering India and bringing it under permanent Islamic rule he still respected very much amongst Sunni Muslims and among Pakistanis and.

Indians he's seen as a very holy and very truthful scholar based on shiny metal last words many Muslims nowadays make insane predictions and interpretations literally praying for it to happen as soon as possible if you make a quick search online you will see a lot of barbarism or or simply Islamism by regular and fundamental Muslims as in.

Every other controversial Islamic issue this topic is also dealt with a lot of hypocrisy by moderate Muslims who will try to tell you that gasps whaaah a hint had nothing to do with Islam and that it was only used by extremists as usual they totally ignore the authentic hadith others simply blame it on Islam haters or Hindus or Indians I guess all these Islamic pages videos.

Short films and even the hadith were just made up by a secret alliance of Hindus and Israel Israel has to be a part of that I guess all the hadith about Constantinople Jerusalem Rome Yemen and so on were also all made up and Netanyahu himself went back in time and fabricated those hadith or changed their meanings this war mongering prophecy might sound very surprising to.

People who are not very familiar with Islamic Scripture with the Quran and the hadith but if you are familiar it's not very surprising Muhammad made such prophecies about conquest and slaughter and bloodshed very often most notably he made prophecies about conquering Persia Iraq Constantinople Damascus Jerusalem and so on Muhammad's followers were.

Therefore very ambitious in conquering those places in other ideologies you would condemn such promises as barbaric in the military's tradition of Islam they call it prophecy there are even so-called prophecies about a final conquest of Jerusalem which is very widely used and believed in by Palestinians and many other Muslims around the world they believe that.

Jerusalem will be conquered a final time and Israel will be destroyed forever there are even conquest prophecies about the Rome Muslims never managed to conquer Rome but many believe that it will happen definitely in the near future quite weird considering that Rome doesn't even have such a big importance anymore in today's world but then again Mohammed also made endtime prophecies.

About the Byzantine Empire which died 500 years ago it said the belief in the final conquest of India is not a globally held belief among Muslims many don't have any idea about it many don't even care about it it is however still believed in by many Muslims in Pakistan in Kashmir and in other regions in India it is a very dangerous belief which is held by people.

Who also ironically complain about Islamophobia and misunderstanding Islam it is a dangerous belief that motivates dangerous people then again it is an idea that comes from a dangerous supremacist and a violent ideology Islam if other Muslims who don't believe in the Gaza a hint are disturbed by my commentary or by the commentary of others they shouldn't come and tell me.

To shut up or others they should start directly in their own circle and discourage those Muslims who still believe that Muslims will conquer India and bring it under Islamic control forever because one it is dangerous barbaric and proves that Islam is violent and to India will never be conquered by Islam now turn your device off and cry have fun thanks for.

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