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SIM800L with arduino Tutorial. How to send, receive SMS and make a call.

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This is tutorial aabout how to use SIM800L GSM module with an arduino. It uses only ATCommand without library.
There are so many GSM modules that came to market right now. And SIM800L almost the cheapest. It cost under 10$ and has the same feature as other. In this tutorial, we will examine how to use this GSM module with an arduino.
You can find full tutorial and code here :
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So I just type C and then press Enter okay it's answer okay so the ATD and the number is the attic comment that you get to make the sim 800 works it's the comment okay it's the incoming call in my phone you okay welcome back to milliohm calm this is tutorial about how to use sim 800 l with an Arduino so let's get started.

We lift an Arduino same as hundreds L and horrible jumper okay so let's just open the Arduino and the model of us sim 800 L comes with two header and an antenna and smaller we can use the antenna to which this year okay because the sim 800 L comes and.

Soldier so we need to soldier first we have to soldier the module with the heater so I just need an v either because the last one should be for the antenna so I just cut the last either okay with this order the healer to the model okay after this soldier is finished it's.

Time to connect the module with Arduino so disconnect the grow on the take and then our X and then the last one is VCC we don't have to connect the reset pin so this four wire that this position I'm in grown TX Rx and VCC okay connect the crown of module to the crown of adrenal and then the ecto pin 10 and X 2 in 11 and acc2 5 watt of Audrina.

you can also install the antenna if you need but right now I don't need that just drive it at the antenna you can solder the antenna v1 and now insert the SIM card to the module okay after of the SIM card is in the module we connect the USB cable to the computer and then we see the LED in the.

Top right corner if the LED blinks low about once every three seconds means that we already get the senior but if the playing is faster it's mean that we have no CL or it is looking for a singer but if the bling is slow like this it's mean that we already got the senior okay it's time to cut we have to open our Arduino IDE now I will try cut that this we can send and receive SMS and then we.

Can call a phone so I will just upload the code of course you can copy the code from the link below at the description and then you just press the cut in your arduino ide and then this a plot like this max thieriot you have to edit the number with your number so you can send and receive message you can send the message to your number and call your number too.

Okay it's uploading and okay then uploading now times open the serial monitor so you can see what happening with the module it should be a delay seven seconds to get the senior okay it started it was seven second delay and there is Type S to send an SMS are to receive an SMS and see to make a call so just type when alphabet and you can do this thing okay.

First I will type s sent an SMS we will try to send an SMS okay I was just blend the Sheryl monitor so you can see the Arduino and the error monitor at the same time okay I I type s and then I press ENTER and it should be an SMS to my phone and that is okay that is my sentence from sim s and L and the sim is unsparing with okay you can see that.

In the serial monitor the okay is the answer from the scene and that is the SMS in my phone hello how are you you can edit the content in the code of course okay and now I will try to call my phone so I just type C and then press Enter okay it's answer okay the entity is recommended sent through the module from Arduino okay it's the call incoming call from my.

Number to my phone conversely incoming call to my phone and there is no answer in this oral monitor that mean I don't pick up the phone okay and then I will try to receive an SMS so I have to send an SMS from my phone okay I just type hello okay and I kept saying it's already son.

I think but there is no hello in my cell monitor so let's just try again my bait this ending the SMS is pending so I will try again through send an SMS so I Sam hi - my sin H hundred L and click Sam okay there is a mess.

It's high in my serial monitor it's the red arrow hi then I just strike in Halle and send okay and that is the Halle we have the second SMS from my fault okay I think that's the tutorial we already send receive SMS and make a call so see you in another tutorial don't forget to Like and subscribe to our Channel.

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