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Marquise Goodwin's Incredible Journey: How He Keeps Running Through Tough Times

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NFL 360 sits down with Marquise Goodwin to learn about his life including the loss of two children before they were born.
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to run the act of going quickly by moving the legs at a pace faster than a walk we run for different reasons for sport for peace of mind for survival Marcus Goodwin has been running his whole life it's taken into the Olympics to the fourth fastest forty time at the combine since 2003 running is a metaphor often used in stories with the main.

Character running to or in many cases running away from something for Goodwin it's not what he's running to or what he's running from the very fact that he's still running at all that's the story here we're gonna start at the very beginning right so what was it like growing up what was your childhood like childhood for me kind of hard to put into words I had to grow up.

Really fast taking care of my sisters trying to find a way to bring revenue into the house to help my mom single parent for kids having to be the eyes the muscle of the house and a lot of decisions that I had to make at a young age where was your biological dad he lived in Lubbock Texas at the time we didn't spend much time growing up with him never was at a football game track.

Meet graduation a birthday party he was never around marques helped fill that Kuwait in his life by finding a vital outlet he was five when I first noticed it he really really could run it's running against nine year olds in our apartment complex no shirt on those shorts took his shoes off running barefoot it I was like what these kids are like twice your size and he just.

Ducked running brought Marquis joy but he was fueled by something deeper Here I am one of the fastest kids in my neighborhood and my sister in the same home has never worked a day in her life his sister deja suffers from cerebral palsy so it puts perspective on things and how I view things coming up that's why I've always appreciated being able to run he.

he used to feed me I the time baby me came my day when it comes to fatherhood I think that I'm one step ahead because I've been a parent since 1991 so you're her brother but you assumed somewhat of a parental role with her I have and still do take care of her financially physically anything you can think of that you have to do for somebody that.

Can't do for themselves I do that for my sister and not because I have to I feel obligated to but more so because she can't do it for herself and if I were in the same position I know she would do that for me while Marquis was raising his sister he was also raising hell on the football field and track earning a scholarship to the University of Texas it was here.

Where's running lead to something unexpected your wife it's like about Morgan when did you guys meet we met the second semester of her freshman year the winter of 2012 okay so love at first sight not quite I was on a track scholarship so we were at Texas A&M for a track meet and a guy from the LSU team which is one of.

Marquesas friends went to my teammate and was like hey what's this girl's name so she ended up calling mark Easton was like oh that's Morgan he's like tell her to hit me up so he asked me out we stopped by his house first and his mom was there and I'm like I noticed food did not just bring me to me his mom and we not even date and we like you know we like each other at this point.

But it's like wait a minute like you trying to marry me it was just casual nothing serious and she spent too much time with me she got to feeling me you know this attitude his mindset he was always a go-getter you couldn't tell him nothing that was very attractive to me he was like outgoing funny he was a jokester I loved everything about him that's what made me fall in love with.

Him Morgan also fell for something else about marques his relationship with Dasia they have a really strong relationship she has her own personality is crazy just the other day she's like tell Pookie to come in here and give me a kiss I'm like girl don't be taking my kiss from my man and she like busts out laughing he won't mind before marques and Morgan's love blossomed and after a.

Trip to London where he competed in the 30th Olympiad marques raced to the inevitable next step for richer for poorer infra Richard if you lose your job I got you baby yeah okay in sickness you get married in 2016 how important was it for the two of you to start a family very important for us to start a family.

Morgan has been pregnant two times first pregnancy is kind of a bittersweet moment definitely weren't ready for kids at the time and it was before we got married we were engaged in college we ended up losing a baby at eight weeks and five days second pregnancy very different I found out two days before my 24th birthday every day went by so slow eight weeks hit I'm nervous Rick I'll.

Get my first ultrasound baby's heartbeat there I make it to 12 weeks I'm like oh my god this is so crazy I was really afraid of ten weeks because I've seen a lot of when more losing their babies after ten weeks and then we get to 19 weeks and I'm going for my first anatomy scan to actually see if all my baby's parts of their hands feet heart brain everything looks great.

But everything wasn't great they get to the end where they check my cervix that's when we found out that I had incompetent cervix an incompetent cervix is a prenatal condition that affects 1 in 100 pregnancies and can lead to late-term miscarriage or premature birth at that point they were like you only have 0.8 centimeters of the cervix left like there's a 50/50 chance you can go.

On with this pregnancy or you're gonna lose it so at this point I'm like I'm blessed Lord's got my back like nothing's gonna go wrong everything's gonna be all right marquise and Morgan stayed positive and focused on Parenthood that positive energy found its way into Marquesas play with the 49ers resulting in a breakout season good what makes a great catch.

Marty could with got the party started what attracted us to him was to his speed what we thought he could do more he was just waiting for another chance or an opportunity to get other outs he went from a speed receiver to an all-around receiver when guy started going down we really leaned on Marquis and when we leaned on him that's when he.

Shined Marquis Goodwin what a spectacular Kent November 11 getting ready to go to the hotel same routine if we do every week home game and my wife told me hey will you come to the bathroom with me I feel like I don't feel good about it like something bad is gonna happen to see the panic in her face I look and basically I could see the.

Sack from the baby protruding out of my wife and she's like I can't move I don't know what to do call the MLS right now we get to the hospital that's when they're like your sack is literally out of your cervix and out into this air you're gonna catch an infection we had to deliver the baby the baby was alive all the way up until I had to deliver it because once the baby.

Was gone from me and detached from me the baby was not gonna be alive because they had to stop the pregnancy the baby just came out with little push I did not expect it to be a full baby like a baby that I could hold in my hands I think for me the hardest part was just seeing the pain that she felt from having to deal with something like that we were fortunate enough for the.

Hospital to actually allow us to keep our baby as long as we wanted to so I kept our baby overnight and well basically that morning they took them back to get them dressed and then brought them back we have a convo like I'm staying here I'm not playing in the game so I felt like I needed to be there with her I.

Didn't want to be like my dad I needed to be there for my wife at that point in time and so then she told me to go to the game it's like you want me to go to the game she's like yeah you need to go it was important for me because his son would it be able to watch him play and I'm like me your son we're watching you you gotta go out there he didn't want to he kept calling me like babe I don't.

Know if I could do this I go over to the stadium pretty earlier on game days I get over there about 7:00 7:30 and I remember getting a call right when I got there keys came in spent some time with him to see where he was at and he was hurt as expected I told him how much we liked him out there but I told him how much we will all totally understand if he's not.

And then it wasn't it was about an hour before kickoff he let us know he was going third and eight seventeen that third back to throw the speedster touchdown keep spraying a perfect route now.

Remember it was just running down the sideline Trent Taylor was right behind me and we just kind of looked at each other like home gonna you know like I cannot believe this just happened and it was it was special something I'll never forget first thing I thought was we're gonna get a delay a game and I'm okay with it because I knew and he got.

That touchdown how much it was gonna mean to him and I knew the whole team knew also there's so much pressure in NFL game anyways and to catch that deep of a ball and beat that type of corner with all that stuff that's in his mind I would understood if he dropped it that was my first touchdown that a whole year in the regular season we had hadn't won a game up to that point the team won for.

The first time I said that was guy right there family guys last 24 hours but he came out balled out for us we appreciate that we love you ma'am we had our baby cremated he stays right on the side of my bed I kiss him all the time talk to him I know he's watching in.

Heaven so he's there always inspired by all he's had and lost those closest to Marquis know what kind of father he will be the kind he's already been great he's an amazing son he's an amazing brother so I know he'll be an amazing father our son was gonna be a junior unfortunately we lost the baby so we didn't name him we just continued to call him maybe good our first living son will be a junior.

Marquis June I know I will be the best father in the world and I think that starts with just being around it just haven't happened for whatever reason but I know God has has plans for us in the near future and with Morgan by his side marquise Goodwin continues to do what he does best he runs for himself and for something much.

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San Frantana • 6 часов назад
Who the hell dislikes this
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Jake Dallas • 15 часов назад
Aye he from a GISD highscool 👌
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AbramDaAwesome • 1 день назад
Came back to watch after the news broke that he lost twins, I hope he stays strong and finds some happiness...he deserves it more than anyone ❤️🙏
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Darth Kage • 1 день назад
What heartbreak for such an amazing couple but like the saying goes God gives the toughest test for his strongest warriors and that beautiful couple are some of the strongest Ive seen
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Darth Kage • 1 день назад
This guy is a class act
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donna easty • 1 день назад
What an inspiring and emotional story. Can't believe this family have lost three little angles in the past two years. Marquis I wish nothing but the best for you and your family and I truly believe that God will bring you and your wife another blessing in the future. What an inspiration you are to us all. You have never forgotten those closest to you and continue to Love and Care for them even after the fame.
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Chriscus • 1 день назад
i just heard he lost twin boys with his wife to a miscarriage recently , this dude has had so much pain in his life and still keep going - respect him so much ✊
👍 2
RhinoGangSavage2009 • 1 день назад
I’m crying 😢
👍 1
Wrestler 4life • 1 день назад
Damn the sister made me tear up when she said "hes the best brother in the world".
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TomIscoolTV • 2 дня назад
I only use the 49ers in madden because of his speed
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Alex Garcia • 2 дня назад
I've gained so much respect for Marquise after watching this, what a life he's had! I hope him and his family have a brighter future
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Abel Arzu • 2 дня назад
Suddenly tears start falling from eyes.
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Abel Arzu • 2 дня назад
Blessings 🙏
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Kylie Hochsprung • 2 дня назад
Love how he takes cares of his sister
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chantel nicole • 2 дня назад
Wow I’m in tears 😢😢 I couldn’t even imagine the pain. She’s so strong they’re so strong
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John Duming • 3 дня назад
Song name at 10:32 ????
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Jennises Beatrix • 4 дня назад
I have the most respect
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DVG Royal • 4 дня назад
Once I saw Marquis get a TD and kneeled and prayed, my heart sank
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Jayden Williams • 4 дня назад
Shoutout to Marquise’s sister all prayers go to her
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Jayden Williams • 4 дня назад
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Twitch Sir_Dankmemes • 5 дней назад
This story always makes me cry
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